Department of Home Affairs is actively seeking dedicated individuals to join their team as Home Affairs Entry level Mobile Officers. This role presents a unique opportunity for motivated candidates to make a significant impact within their communities while gaining valuable skills in law enforcement and public service.

Abou the Home Affairs Entry Level Mobile Officers Vacancies

  • Position: Mobile Officer
  • Number of Positions: 20
  • Salary Level: Basic salary ranging from R308,154 to R362,994 per annum (Level 7)
  • Enquiries:
    Eastern Cape: Mr S Mapukata, Tel No: (043) 604 6418
    Gauteng: Mr P Mlangeni, Tel No: (011) 242 9039
    KwaZulu-Natal: Ms N Tshezi, Tel No: (033) 845 5003
    Limpopo: Mr J Kgole, Tel No: (015) 287 2802
    Mpumalanga: Ms N Dlangisa, Tel No: (013) 752 2504
    Northern Cape: Ms S Botha, Tel No: (053) 807 6700
    Western Cape: Mr M Pienaar, Tel (021) 488 1409

Centres and Reference Numbers:

  • Eastern Cape: Medium Office, Humansdorp (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/1)
  • Eastern Cape: Medium Office, Cleary Park (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/2)
  • Eastern Cape: PSP, Stutterheim (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/3)
  • Gauteng: Medium Office, Heidelberg (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/4)
  • KwaZulu-Natal: Large Office, Ethekwini (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/5)
  • KwaZulu-Natal: Medium Office, Kokstad (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/6)
  • KwaZulu-Natal: Medium Office, Nongoma (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/7)
  • Limpopo: Large Office, Polokwane (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/8)
  • Limpopo: Medium Office, Groblersdal (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/9)
  • Limpopo: PSP, Praktiseer (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/10)
  • Mpumalanga: Medium Office, Mapulaneng (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/11)
  • Mpumalanga: Medium Office, Mkobola (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/12)
  • Northern Cape: Large Office, Kuruman (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/13)
  • Northern Cape: Medium Office, Jan Kempdorp (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/14)
  • Northern Cape: Medium Office, Springbok (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/15)
  • Northern Cape: Medium Office, Calvinia (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/16)
  • Northern Cape: Medium Office, Prieska (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/17)
  • Western Cape: Medium Office, Beaufort-West (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/18)
  • Western Cape: PSP, Vredenburg (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/19)
  • Western Cape: Medium Office, Vredendal (REF NO: HRMC 26/24/20)

Department of Home Affairs Requirements

NQF Level 6 as recognized by SAQA in: 

  • Undergraduate qualification in:
  • Public Administration
  • Public Management
  • Business Administration
  • Administrative Management
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Business Management

NQF Level 7 qualification in:

  • Bachelor of Administration
  • Business Administration
  • B-Tech in or Advanced Diploma in:
  • Public Administration
  • Public Management
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Business Management
  • Bachelor of Arts with majors in Industrial Psychology and Public Administration (advantageous).


  • One (1) year clerical experience (advantageous).
  • Experience in client and customer service environment (advantageous).
  • Sound knowledge of Batho Pele Principles.
  • Basic knowledge of Public Service Regulations.
  • Basic knowledge of Departmental Legislation and Prescripts (Civic Services).
  • Basic knowledge of Human Resource Regulatory Framework.
  • Knowledge of Civic Services Operations.
  • Basic knowledge of Civic Services Prescripts.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Communication and sound interpersonal skills.
  • Time management.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Planning and organizing.
  • Supervisory skills.
  • Basic report writing skills.
  • Basic computer literacy.

Additional Requirements:

  • Valid driver’s license (Code 10).
  • Valid Professional Driving Permit (PDP).
  • Extensive travel may be required.

Selection Process for Entry Level Mobile Officer Positions:

  • Preference may be given to unemployed youth or graduates who have completed relevant skills development programs and meet the job requirements, especially if they reside near the office location.
  • Shortlisted candidates for the Mobile Officer position will undergo:
  • Interviews to assess suitability and competency.
  • Technical assessments to evaluate job-specific skills and knowledge.
  • Role Behavior Assessments to gauge behavior and suitability for the role.

Candidates deemed suitable after assessments will undergo:

  • Employment suitability checks including:
  • Credit history verification.
  • Criminal background check.
  • Citizenship verification.
  • Employment references verification.
  • Qualification verification.

This structured selection process ensures that candidates selected for the Entry Level Mobile Officer positions are well-suited for the responsibilities and requirements of the role at the Department of Home Affairs.

Appointment Details for Vacancies in the Department

Upon selection for the positions:

  • Appointed individuals will be required to complete a designated probationary period.
  • They must secure appropriate security clearance within the stipulated timeframe applicable to the position.

These requirements ensure that appointed personnel in the Department of Home Affairs meet necessary standards and are prepared to fulfill their roles effectively.

Responsibilities of the Successful Candidate:

  • Supervise and manage daily operations of Civic Services functions within Mobile Offices, including Identity Document, Birth, Marriage, and Death (BMD) and Passport application processes.
  • Monitor operations at various service points to ensure efficiency and adherence to service standards.
  • Manage client queues and ensure smooth daily office operations.
  • Ensure proper maintenance and inspection of the Mobile Office to deliver reliable services.
  • Conduct daily trips and post-trip vehicle inspections, ensuring the Mobile Unit’s safety and operational readiness.
  • Implement effective risk management and compliance practices.
  • Facilitate client service provision at service points.
  • Operate specialized equipment in both front and back-office settings as required.
  • Drive the Mobile Unit to designated service points and set up as scheduled.
  • Assist disabled clients with embarkation and disembarkation from the Mobile Unit.
  • Maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Adhere to relevant Civic Services frameworks and regulations.
  • Supervise resources, including human and physical assets, within the unit to optimize efficiency and performance.

Application process:

To apply for the Mobile Officer positions, applicants must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Postal Submission: Send applications to the correct Department of Home Affairs (DHA) address specified at the bottom of the advertisement for the relevant position.
  • Online Submission: Submit applications via the following link: [] Search for the opportunity name per Province and town (e.g., mobile officer). Applicants without internet access may submit their applications to the nearest Regional Offices of the Department of Employment and Labour (Labour Centres).

Enquiries: For system-related enquiries, contact For work opportunities enquiries, contact (082 886 9627) and (076 983 8905), or call the Call Centre at 086 010 1018.

  • Application Form: Complete the New Application for Employment Form (Z83) Ensure all sections of the application form are fully completed.

Documents Required:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV) detailing start and end dates (dd/mm/yyyy) and detailed duties for each employment period. Include details of at least two contactable employment references.
  • For Mobile Officer positions, provide full details of the driver’s licence and Professional Driving Permit (PDP), both valid at the time of application submission.
  • Shortlisted candidates will need to submit copies of Identity Document (ID), valid driver’s licence, valid Professional Driving Permit, and copies of the highest qualification/s on or before the day of the interview.

Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications: Submit evaluated results from the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) for foreign-acquired qualifications where applicable.

Submission Deadline: Ensure applications are submitted on or before the specified closing date.

These requirements ensure that applications are complete and meet the necessary criteria for consideration for the Mobile Officer positions within the Department of Home Affairs.

Application Address Details:

For submission of applications, please direct them to the Department of Home Affairs offices at the following addresses:

Eastern Cape:
Postal Address:
Private Bag 7413, King Williams Town, 5600

Physical Address:
11 Hargreaves Avenue, King William’s Town, 5600

Reference Number: HRMC 26/24/

Postal Address:
Private Bag X108, Braamfontein, 2017

Physical Address:
3rd Floor, Mineralia Building,
Corner of De Beer and De Korte Street,
Braamfontein, 2017

Reference Number: HRMC 26/24/

Postal Address:
Private Bag X 09, Pietermaritzburg 3209

Physical Address:
181 Church Street, Pietermaritzburg 3209

Reference Number: HRMC 26/24/

Postal Address:
Private Bag X 9517, Polokwane, 0700

Physical Address:
89 Biccard Street, Polokwane, 0699

Reference Number: HRMC 26/24/

Postal Address:
Private Bag X11264, Nelspruit, 1200

Physical Address:
29 Bester Street, Nelspruit, 1200

Reference Number: HRMC 26/24/

Northern Cape:
Postal Address:
Private Bag X 6073, Kimberley 8300

Physical Address:
Quantum Leap Building,
69 Du Toitspan Road, Kimberley, 8300

Reference Number: HRMC 26/24/

Western Cape:
Postal Address:
Private Bag X 9103, Cape Town, 8000

Physical Address:
4th Floor FairCape Building,
56 Barrack Street, Cape Town, 8000

Reference Number: HRMC 26/24/

Ensure to include the correct reference number corresponding to your preferred location when submitting your application.

Applicants for the Mobile Officer positions within the Department of Home Affairs are encouraged to adhere closely to the outlined application guidelines. Whether submitting via postal services to the specified DHA addresses or utilizing the online portal provided by the Department of Employment and Labour, it is essential to ensure all required documentation, including the New Application for Employment Form (Z.83), comprehensive CV, and relevant qualifications, are submitted accurately and on time.

For further assistance or inquiries, applicants may contact the provided email addresses and phone numbers. Your adherence to these instructions will greatly enhance your chances of being considered for this rewarding opportunity.