Interested in applying for a Government job? You have most likely heard about filling out the Z83 Government Application form, yet you have no idea how to do it. In South Africa, the Z83 Form is the first step towards securing a job within government departments and municipalities. This article will provide practical tips on how to fill out the form.

Why is the Z83 Government Application Form essential?

The form is a critical document that determines your eligibility for a government position. This form is used exclusively by individuals with original identity Documents (ID) or official passports who wish to apply for advertised positions in government departments. The purpose of the Z83 application form is to screen and identify suitable candidates for the next stages of the selection process. Your success in securing a government job depends on your ability to complete the Z83 application form accurately and comprehensively.

Downloading the Z83 Form

You now have an idea of what is needed to proceed with your application, but you do not have the form. Here is how you can obtain a Z83 form.

Click Here to Download

Read the Form Carefully

Once you have the Z83 application form in hand, take your time to read it thoroughly. Acquaint yourself with all the questions and requirements. If any part of the form seems confusing or difficult to answer, seek assistance. Understanding the form is essential to providing accurate and complete information.

How to Fill in the Z83 Form?

Section A: The Advertised Post

  • Ensure the inclusion of the correct reference number for each job application to avoid disqualification.
  • Clearly state your availability/ Notice Period, eg. 2 Weeks.
  • If available to start immediately, indicate ‘IMMEDIATELY’ in the last section.

Section B: Personal Information

  • Provide your personal information: surname, full names, date of birth, ID number (for South African citizens), or passport number (for foreign nationals).
  • In the race section, indicate your choice by marking an ‘X’.
  • For Yes/No questions, mark an ‘X’ appropriately.
  • Complete all requested additional information.

Section C: Contact Details and Medium of Communication

    • Specify your preferred language and communication method for the department to use when contacting you.

In the contact details section:

      • If ‘Post’ is selected, provide your postal address.
      • If ‘E-mail’ is selected, provide your email address.
      • If ‘Telephone’ is selected, provide your telephone or cellphone number.

Section D: South African Official Language Proficiency

  • Indicate the languages you are proficient in by writing them in the designated grey area.
  • For each language listed, indicate your proficiency as ‘good’, ‘fair’, or ‘poor’ in the corresponding blocks.

Section E: Formal Qualification

  • In this part, you need to detail your educational qualifications, specifying the name of the institution, the year you completed the qualification, and the name of the qualification itself.

Section F: Work Experience

  • Provide full details of your work history, including the company name, your job title, duration of employment, and the reason for leaving each position.

Section G: References

  • In this section, you need to list your references, providing their names, contact information, and your relationship to them.


  • Sign and date the Declaration section. Remember, an unsigned or undated application will be disregarded as it lacks the applicant’s authorization. Make sure to fully complete the form and provide your signature.

First Impressions Count

Your Z83 application form is the first impression you make on potential employers. To set the right tone, complete the form fully and neatly. This includes writing legibly, using black ink, and ensuring that there are no errors or smudges. A well-presented application form signals your commitment to securing the job.

Follow the Instructions

Adhering to instructions is a crucial skill in life and job applications are no exception. If the application form instructs you to complete the information directly on the form, do so meticulously. Do not simply state “attached CV and supporting documents.” However, when it explicitly allows attachments, ensure that you include them as directed. Ignoring these instructions can lead to your application being disqualified.

Double Check your form

After completing your application form, do the following:

  • Check that you have given the correct and complete information
  • Check that you have mentioned which job you are applying for
  • Check your form thoroughly for possible mistakes
  • Attach a CV along with any other additional documents they have asked for.

Remember that the officials, who are checking your Z83 government application form have to check many others so it is important to avoid making mistakes that might cause you to miss the dream job opportunity.