In the heart of Johannesburg North, an unparalleled opportunity awaits for aspiring educators: the St Peter’s Prep Schools Teacher Internship Programme. This initiative is not merely a pathway to becoming a teacher; it’s a journey towards transforming education in South Africa.

Launching in January 2025, the programme offers a unique blend of academic rigor, hands-on classroom experience, and community engagement, designed to foster the next generation of inspirational educators.

St Peter’s Prep Schools Teacher Internship Programme Overview

  • Job Ref #: SP-30
  • Company: St Peters Prep Schools
  • Industry: Education
  • Job Type: Contract
  • Salary: Market Related

Teacher Internship Programme Objective

The St Peter’s Prep Schools Teacher Internship Programme is more than just a step towards becoming a teacher; it’s a leap into becoming an educational leader in South Africa. With a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip interns with the latest pedagogical methodologies, this programme is tailored for those who envision a career that transcends traditional teaching roles.

Interns will embark on a four-year journey, culminating in a B.Ed degree, enriched with practical, hands-on experience within the vibrant classrooms of St Peter’s Prep Schools.

What Sets This Programme Apart?

  • Hands-on Experience: Dive into the real-world of teaching with daily classroom involvement, mentored by seasoned educators.
  • Community Partnership Programme: A unique exposure to alternative teaching environments, fostering a well-rounded educational perspective.
  • Nation-Building Mission: Be part of a movement aimed at elevating the quality of education across South Africa, producing graduates ready to make a tangible difference.

Who Should Apply?

  • Academic Excellence: A valid National Senior Certificate with a minimum APS score of 26 is essential. This criterion ensures that candidates have a solid foundational knowledge and are prepared for the academic rigors of the programme.
  • Language and Mathematical Proficiency: Proficiency in English, with a minimum of 60% for Home Language learners or 70% for First Additional Language learners, and a Maths Literacy score of 60% or Mathematics at 40%, lays the foundation for effective communication and analytical thinking, crucial skills for any educator.
  • Age and Financial Need: The programme prioritizes applicants under the age of 27 who demonstrate financial need. This focus aims to support young, aspiring teachers who may not have the means to pursue a teaching qualification independently.
  • Nationality: Holding South African citizenship is a requirement, aligning with the programme’s mission to contribute to the nation’s educational landscape.
  • Experience with Children: Whether through formal teaching, tutoring, coaching, or even informal settings, previous experience working with children can provide invaluable insights into the learning process and classroom management.
  • Motivation and Initiative: We seek individuals who are self-driven, eager to learn, and ready to take on challenges. Your motivation to pursue a teaching career should stem from a genuine desire to contribute to the development of young minds.
  • Strong Time Management and Organisational Skills: The ability to plan, organize, and manage time effectively is critical in balancing the rigorous demands of the internship’s academic and practical components.
  • Adaptability and Growth Mindset: The educational landscape is ever-evolving. Candidates should be adaptable, open to feedback, and committed to continuous learning and personal development.
  • Empathy and Communication: A successful teacher is one who can connect with their students, understanding their diverse backgrounds and learning needs. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are key to building these meaningful relationships.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Teaching is a collaborative profession. The ability to work well with others, whether it be with fellow interns, mentor teachers, or the broader school community, is essential.
  • Innovation and Creativity: We encourage applicants who think outside the box. Bringing fresh ideas to the classroom and being willing to experiment with new teaching methodologies can enhance the learning experience for students.

Application Process

To seize this transformative opportunity, applicants are required to submit:

Note: Compliance with St Peter’s Prep Schools’ safeguarding policies, including a full criminal check, is mandatory for all successful candidates.

Why Choose St Peter’s Prep Schools?

St Peter’s Prep Schools is not just an institution but a community deeply committed to fostering an environment of growth, respect, and excellence. By joining the Teacher Internship Programme, you are not only setting the foundation for a rewarding career but also contributing to a larger mission of shaping the future of South African education.

The call for dedicated, innovative, and compassionate educators has never been more critical. St Peter’s Prep Schools invites you to be part of a journey that promises professional development, community engagement, and the joy of making a difference in the lives of young learners.

Apply for the Teacher Internship Programme and take the first step towards a fulfilling career in education.