Adidas is offering a promising Retail Sales Vacancy in Johannesburg, South Africa, perfect for individuals passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and interested in sports and fashion. This role provides a unique opportunity to be part of a global brand renowned for its high-quality products and innovation.

Retail Sales Vacancy Overview

  • Job Title: Retail Sales Associate
  • Brand: Adidas
  • Department: Retail Operations
  • Direct Reporting Line: Retail Store Manager
  • Location: Johannesburg
  • Team: Retail (Store)
  • Contract Type: Full Time
  • Number: 510429

Job Purpose:

The primary role of the Retail Sales Associate is to support the management team in overseeing the store’s daily operations while providing top-notch service and complying with all company policies and procedures.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Retail Sales Associate include:

  • Customer Service: Delivering the highest level of service to each customer, ensuring a memorable shopping experience.
  • Sales Transactions: Handling sales transactions efficiently, involving various payment methods, including cash, credit, and checks.
  • Product Management: Supporting ticketing of products and checking paperwork against received items, ensuring accuracy and quality control.
  • Merchandising: Assisting in the development of product displays and adhering to the visual merchandising plans set by the management team.
  • Security and Maintenance: Maintaining security standards to prevent shrinkage and ensuring the store is clean and well-organized.
  • Sales Techniques: Applying effective selling techniques, such as add-on sales and providing technical product information to meet store sales objectives.

Skills Required

To succeed in this Retail Sales Vacancy, the ideal candidate will demonstrate:

  • Excellent Customer Service Skills: A keen ability to listen and respond to customer needs, ensuring that each interaction is positive and productive. The ability to understand and anticipate customer desires is crucial for creating a personalized shopping experience.
  • High Energy and Enthusiasm: This role requires a vibrant and outgoing personality that thrives in a fast-paced retail environment. Your energy will be key in maintaining a lively store atmosphere that attracts and retains customers.
  • Strong Selling Skills: Aimed at meeting and surpassing sales goals through persuasive selling techniques and a deep understanding of adidas products and customer needs. Ability to engage customers by presenting products in a way that leads to increased sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Proven Ability to Take Ownership and Responsibility: Demonstrated experience in managing tasks and overcoming challenges independently. This includes being proactive in resolving issues, making informed decisions, and ensuring that all responsibilities are completed to the highest standard.
  • Effective Team Collaboration Skills: The ability to work cohesively with team members to achieve common goals. This includes sharing information, supporting others in achieving team objectives, and contributing positively to the team dynamic.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: Retail environments are dynamic, with varying customer demands and operational needs. The ability to adapt strategies on-the-fly and handle multiple tasks simultaneously while maintaining attention to detail is essential.
  • Technical Proficiency: Familiarity with point-of-sale systems, basic computer software, and the ability to learn new technologies that enhance the customer shopping experience.
  • Communication Skills: Clear and effective communication is vital, not only for interacting with customers but also for working with team members and management. This includes the ability to convey information effectively and to listen actively.

Education and Experience Requirements

  • Educational Background: Matric certificate required.
  • Experience Level: Ideally 0 – 1 years of experience in retail, suitable for candidates entering the workforce.

Adidas Company Culture

adidas promotes a culture where mental strength is as valued as physical power. Our work environment encourages:

  • Courage: Being vocal about opportunities and stepping up when needed.
  • Ownership: Proactively taking responsibility for one’s duties.
  • Innovation: Constantly seeking new and improved ways of achieving success.
  • Teamwork: Collaborating effectively to achieve team objectives.
  • Integrity and Respect: Upholding the company’s ethical standards and respecting all colleagues.

How to Apply

If this Retail Sales Vacancy at adidas in Johannesburg resonates with your career aspirations and you embody our core values, we would love to hear from you. Apply today and turn your job into a meaningful career.

In conclusion, the Retail Sales Associate position at adidas in Johannesburg offers a unique opportunity for individuals looking to start or further their career in retail. With a focus on customer service, product management, and sales techniques, this role is perfect for energetic and driven individuals. As part of a global brand known for innovation and quality, you’ll gain invaluable experience and the chance to grow professionally in a supportive and dynamic environment.

If you’re passionate about sports, fashion, and providing exceptional customer experiences, consider applying for this fulfilling role. Join the adidas team and help continue the legacy of this leading sports brand in one of South Africa’s most vibrant cities.