A English Teacher Vacancy is open at Vuleka St Mark’s Primary School in Northriding for Grades 4 to 7. This role is a beacon for those who see teaching not just as a profession, but as a calling to influence generations. Here, teaching is more than imparting knowledge; it is about inspiring change, fostering a love for language, and cultivating critical thinkers who will lead tomorrow.

The candidate selected for this role will be stepping into a position that extends far beyond the conventional classroom setting—it is a gateway to influencing the future, one student at a time.

English Teacher Vacancy Overview

  • School: Vuleka St Mark’s Primary School
  • Job Title: English Teacher (Grade 4-7)
  • Location: Northriding, Randburg, South Africa
  • Start Date: 9 July 2024
  • Closing Date for Applications: 10 May 2024

About Vuleka St Mark’s Primary:

Vuleka is an Anglican Diocesan Independent school renowned for providing exceptional, holistic, and affordable education. It is a place where educational dreams are nurtured, and ambitions are fostered.

Vuleka St Mark’s Primary is not just a place of learning; it’s a community where growth is cultivated and potential is unleashed. They are on the lookout for an educator—a visionary who sees beyond the curriculum to inspire, challenge, and guide their pupils towards excellence. This individual will be charged with the noble task of molding young minds, instilling a passion for the English language, and developing the critical thinking skills necessary for future success.

Your Role:

As a Grade 4-7 English teacher, your role will transcend beyond imparting knowledge. You will be shaping young minds to think critically, express themselves confidently, and uphold the values of the school. Your influence will prepare them not just for the next grade, but for life.

The ideal candidate will find themselves in an environment ripe with possibilities for making a significant impact, where every lesson taught can echo into the lives of students for years to come. Vuleka St Mark’s invites dedicated educators to become part of a journey that is not just about educating, but about transforming lives through knowledge, care, and a commitment to excellence.

Minimum Requirements:

  • A 4-year Bachelor of Education degree or a Bachelor’s degree with PGCE, specialized in English.
  • Registration with the South African Council for Educators (SACE).

Experience and Skills:

  • A minimum of 3 years of teaching experience.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Expertise in planning, organizing, and reporting, coupled with excellent time management.
  • Competency in critical thinking instruction and fostering a positive educational atmosphere.
  • Good command of computer skills including MS Office, and openness to learning school software like Educap and Microsoft 365.
  • A strong understanding of various classroom and online technologies, such as tablets and Microsoft Teams.
  • Problem-solving abilities and the capacity to work collaboratively within a team.
  • Insight into the socio-economic challenges faced by families and their impact on students.
  • Enthusiasm for mentoring and guiding trainee teachers.
  • A dynamic and passionate approach to teaching and learning.

Characteristics and Traits:

  • South African Citizenship: An authentic connection with the local ethos is crucial for engaging effectively with our students and their diverse backgrounds.
  • Recent Police Clearance: A commitment to safety and security is evidenced by a police clearance certificate not older than three months, ensuring trust and peace of mind for our community.
  • High Personal and Professional Standards: We value educators who continually set high goals for themselves and their students, striving for excellence in all aspects of teaching and personal development.
  • Resilience and Adaptability: The ideal candidate will demonstrate the ability to overcome obstacles and adapt to various educational challenges with determination and grace.
  • Driver’s License: Mobility can be a key asset, offering flexibility and the potential for additional responsibilities within the school’s dynamic environment.

How to Apply:

Your application should include a Curriculum Vitae, a certified SACE certificate, and contact information of at least three referees. Please submit your documents to principal.stmarks@vulekaschool.co.za.

Tip: How to Write a Job Application Email in 8 Easy Steps

Why Vuleka St Mark’s Primary?

Choosing Vuleka St Mark’s Primary School is not just a career move; it’s a decision to join a community that values growth, excellence, and creativity. We believe in nurturing not just students, but also our educators, through continuous professional development and support.

Note: The school reserves the right not to make an appointment. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and interviewed.

Remember, the deadline for application submissions is 10 May 2024. Don’t miss out on this chance to become part of a school that’s dedicated to educational excellence and holistic development.