A Management Trainee Programme at RCL FOODS has opened up for applicants that are passionate about growth and purpose. The Management Trainee Programme invites game-changing graduates to embark on a transformative journey to unleash grit, define growth, and ignite purpose as We Grow What Matters together!

RCL FOODS believes in nurturing talent and creating an environment in which individuals can thrive. Their dedication to Grit Unleashed implies that we approach problems with resilience and determination. They describe growth as a constant path of learning and development that supports both your personal and professional goals while having a significant impact.

RCL Foods Management Trainee Programme Overview

  • Closing Date: 2024/06/30
  • Reference Number: RCL240327-3
  • Company: RCL Foods
  • Job Title: Management Trainee Programme: Commercial (CIMA)
  • Functions: Commercial
  • Job Type Classification: Management Trainee
  • Location – Province: Gauteng
  • Location – Country: South Africa

Management Trainee Programme Opportunity

Join the Management Trainee Programme and immerse yourself in an environment that nurtures and grows your untapped potential through a fast-paced, accelerated learning setting. Their tailored development programme is the ideal environment for your career success.

Key Performance Areas

  • Like a seed that holds untapped potential, RCL FOOD’S program provides support, guidance, and nutrients for robust development.
  • RCL FOOD’S cultivates success with strong roots, pairing you with experienced mentors to guide and build a lasting network for a resilient career journey.
  • Strengthening your growth through exposure, combining technical expertise and soft skills training, ensuring a sturdy trunk for future leadership.
  • Tailoring your journey with specialized tracks, acknowledging the diversity of career aspirations, offering branches of opportunity aligned with unique talents and ambitions.
  • Like leaves need sunlight, RCL FOOD’S fuels your career with innovation and creativity, empowering out-of-the-box thinking that brings fresh ideas to life, contributing to your professional landscape.
  • Reap the fruits of hard work, we provide the tools to transform potential into tangible success.


To qualify for the Management Trainee Programme, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Completed studies or currently in the final year of study
  • Com Management Accounting or BCOM Commerce coupled with B. Com Hons (specializing in Management Accounting)
  • South African citizen or permanent resident
  • Good academic results in your majors in 2nd and 3rd year
  • Computer Literacy (MS Office, including Excel and Word)

Duties & Responsibilities

The selected candidate for the Management Trainee Programme will be responsible for the following:

  • Cultivate authentic leadership skills as part of the Management Trainee Programme.
  • Participate in a 4–5-year development programme aimed at building a career in Management Accounting and Commercial Finance.
  • Receive a practical introduction to the working environment.
  • Gain practical experience through meaningful work assignments.
  • Achieve basic, core, and supplementary experience requirements for CIMA.
  • Take ownership and responsibility of real business projects.
  • Develop a strong foundation for a successful career in the field.

The successful candidate for the Management Trainee Programme who complete the RCL FOOD’s curriculum will have the chance to cycle between their Commercial Teams, acquiring functional depth and breadth of expertise while building a solid basis for their careers.

The Management Trainee Programme at RCL FOODS is an extraordinary opportunity for ambitious graduates passionate about growth and purpose. This programme is designed to unleash grit, define growth, and ignite purpose as part of a transformative journey. By nurturing talent and creating an environment conducive to personal and professional development, RCL FOODS ensures that each trainee thrives.

How to Apply

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Successful candidates will be part of a tailored development programme that offers robust support, mentorship, and a wealth of practical experiences. This programme goes beyond technical training, fostering leadership and innovation to equip trainees with the skills needed for a successful career in Management Accounting and Commercial Finance. With the chance to rotate between Commercial Teams and gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry, the Management Trainee Programme at RCL FOODS is the ideal launchpad for those ready to grow what matters together.

Apply today and take the first step towards a resilient and impactful career.