Promaths, delivered by Kutlwanong Maths, Science and Technology Centre and funded by Investec, offers additional Maths and Science classes to high school learners to enhance their academic performance in these subjects. With over 17 years of success, Promaths nurtures students who excel in Maths and Science, fostering ambition and drive among its participants.

Despite their proficiency, many of these learners face challenges securing bursaries to continue their education beyond high school. The Promaths Bursary Fund aims to support Promaths alumni who lack financial resources to pursue tertiary education, providing them with opportunities to further their studies and achieve their academic goals.

Promaths Bursary Objective:

  • Award bursaries to former Promaths students who demonstrate academic excellence and financial need, and are currently enrolled at a South African tertiary institution.
  • Enhance the likelihood of these students successfully completing their tertiary education.
  • Reduce the number of high-achieving Promaths alumni who graduate from high school with excellent results but do not pursue further studies.
  • Foster positive role models within the communities where Promaths operates.

Selection Criteria:

  • Open to South African citizens.
  • Applicants must have attended a Promaths or Kutlwanong Centre anywhere in South Africa.
  • Candidates should be accepted to pursue a rare skills degree or national diploma at a recognized tertiary institution in South Africa.
  • Bursary selection is based on academic potential, financial need, and chosen study programmes.
  • Bursaries are offered for:
    • University students (undergraduate and post-graduate) enrolled full-time in critical and scarce skills programmes.
    • University of Technology students enrolled full-time, with a pass symbol in all subjects, pursuing careers in high-demand fields.
    • Full-time students at Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Agricultural Colleges.
  • Applicants must provide specific details including:
    • The exact name of the study programme.
    • The name of the educational institution where the programme is undertaken.
    • Start and end dates of the study programme.

Documents Required:

  • Certified copy of South African ID.
  • Full academic record including the latest available results (June 2024 examination results or progress report).
  • Official Matric/NSC results if Grade 12 has been completed, or final Grade 11 results and June 2024 report card for current Grade 12 students.
  • Proof of address if applying for a bursary sponsored by a renewable energy plant or trust. Only applicable to applicants living within a 50 km radius of a solar or wind farm.
  • Proof of income:
    • Salary or wage slips of parent(s) or guardian(s).
    • Affidavit from unemployed or self-employed parent(s) stating annual income.
    • Most recent audited financial statement or three months’ bank statements if parent(s) or guardian(s) own a business.
    • SASSA letter indicating grants received in the household where applicable.
    • Death certificate(s) if parent(s) are deceased.
    • Letter from court stating child support amounts if parents are divorced, or affidavit from parent stating child support amount if separated.
  • Clear head and shoulders picture.

Application Requirements:

  • Bursary applications close on 30 September, with exceptions noted on the Bursaries pages.
  • Applicants should thoroughly review the eligibility criteria for bursaries and scholarships administered by StudyTrust.
  • Applications cannot be submitted until all required information is provided and supporting documents are uploaded.
  • The application profile, including responses to essay questions, will be presented to potential sponsors based on the information provided.
  • It is crucial to provide accurate information and thoughtful answers to essay questions. Spelling errors should be avoided, and names and surnames should begin with capitals.
  • A bursary application is a request for an investment in education, potentially up to half a million rand. Applicants are more likely to be selected if the application is completed with care and precision.
  • Current Grade 12 learners unsure of their study plans can find helpful resources on the Pace Career Centre web pages. Their career questionnaire is designed to assist prospective students in choosing the right study programme and career path.

Application Process:

  • Create an Account: If you’re a new applicant, create an account on the StudyTrust portal using your email address and a secure password.
  • Complete the Application Form: Fill out the online application form with accurate personal information, educational background, and contact details.

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In conclusion, prospective applicants are encouraged to approach their bursary applications with meticulous care and attention to detail. By ensuring all required information is accurately provided and supporting documents are uploaded promptly, applicants enhance their chances of securing financial support for their education.

The investment potential of up to half a million rand underscores the importance of presenting a well-prepared application profile to potential sponsors. For Grade 12 learners uncertain about their study paths, the resources available through Pace Career Centre can offer valuable guidance in making informed decisions. Ultimately, a thorough understanding of eligibility criteria and diligent preparation will pave the way towards successful bursary applications.