Are you eager to kickstart a career in the nuclear sector? NECSA is offering an exhilarating NECSA Learnerships opportunity for a motivated individual to become part of the SAFARI-1 Research Reactor team in Pretoria as a Learner Reactor Operator.

This NECSA Learnerships position outlines a definitive career trajectory from initial training to the potential attainment of a Licensed Reactor Operator status, complemented by substantial training at each progression stage.

NECSA Learnerships Overview

  • Position: Learner Reactor Operator
  • Location: SAFARI-1 Research Reactor, Pretoria
  • Reference Number: LEARNREACOP02
  • Job Type: Permanent

Qualifications and Experience

  • Completion of Matric with higher-grade Maths and Science.
  • A Technical Diploma in Engineering (e.g., Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Electronics) is beneficial.
  • Experience in process plant operations preferred.
  • Must be computer literate.
  • Holder of a valid Code EB (old Code 08) driver’s license at the time of appointment.

About the NECSA Learnerships

Under the NECSA Learnerships, the Learner Reactor Operator will begin with Phase I, engaging in both theoretical and practical training under close supervision. This initial phase spans 6 to 9 months, leading to advancement as a Plant Operator, followed by Phase II training.

Phase II under NECSA Learnerships involves more autonomous tasks and extended training over 12 months. Successful completion may lead to appointment as a Licensed Reactor Operator, subject to vacancy availability and standard recruitment procedures.

Key Responsibilities

The role of a Learner Reactor Operator within the NECSA Learnerships program encompasses a wide range of responsibilities. These are critical not only for personal career development but also for the safe and efficient operation of the SAFARI-1 Research Reactor. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the key responsibilities:

  • Operational Tasks and Maintenance:
    • Routine Control Operations: Regularly monitor and control the reactor’s operational parameters to ensure stability and efficiency.
    • Specialized Maintenance Tasks: Carry out specialized maintenance to prevent operational disruptions and extend the lifespan of reactor components.
  • Safety and Compliance:
    • Regulatory Compliance: Work closely with the Duty Shift Supervisor to ensure all operations comply with nuclear regulatory standards.
    • Safety Procedures: Implement and follow strict safety protocols to minimize risks associated with radiation, chemical exposure, and other hazardous operations.
  • Health and Environmental Awareness:
    • Medical Fitness: Maintain health standards required for high-risk environments, ensuring capability to perform in roles exposed to noise, radiation, and chemicals.
    • Environmental Protection: Operate within environmentally safe practices to prevent contamination and ensure the safety of the surrounding community.
  • Communication and Skills Development:
    • English Proficiency: Utilize strong English communication skills for clear reporting, documentation, and teamwork interactions.
    • Skill Enhancement: Regularly engage in training and skill development sessions to improve both practical and theoretical knowledge.
  • Operational Readiness:
    • Shift Preparedness: Display a flexible attitude towards shift work, including availability during weekends and holidays, to meet the reactor’s operational needs.
    • Emergency Response: Participate in emergency drills and real-time responses to ensure preparedness for unexpected situations.
  • Transportation and Accessibility:
    • Transport Reliability: Maintain personal transportation to ensure punctuality and reliability, critical in maintaining shift schedules and emergency availability.
  • Team Integration and Ethics:
    • Team Collaboration: Work effectively within a team setting to ensure collective goals are met and operational efficiency is maintained.
    • Ethical Standards: Uphold high integrity and commitment, demonstrating ethical behavior in all job aspects, crucial in the sensitive environment of nuclear operations.
  • Time Management and Efficiency:
    • Task Prioritization: Efficiently manage time to prioritize tasks according to their urgency and importance, ensuring smooth operations and timely completion of responsibilities.

Application Process

If you are interested in the NECSA Learnerships for the position of Learner Reactor Operator at SAFARI-1 Research Reactor, here are the steps and important details you need to follow:

  • Prepare Your Documents: Ensure you have all required documents ready. This includes your updated CV, certified copies of your Matric certificate, relevant diplomas or degrees, driver’s license, and any other certificates that support your application.
  • Online Submission: Visit the official NECSA website where you can find the application portal. Upload your documents and fill out the application form as directed.

Tip: How to Reach Out to a Recruiter on LinkedIn

Applicants not contacted within 30 days post-deadline should consider their application as not successful.

This NECSA Learnerships offers a profound opportunity for professional development within an advanced industry. If you align with the requirements and are passionate about a career with a significant impact, the NECSA Learnerships for a Learner Reactor Operator at SAFARI-1 Research Reactor in Pretoria is your gateway to a promising future.