Embark on an exciting journey with the EPWP Internships 2024 offered by the KZN Department of Sport, Arts & Culture. If you’re zealous about sports and community enrichment, this 12-month internship programme is your chance to get involved in sport management and make a positive impact in your locality.

The EPWP Internships 2024 Overview:

  • Position: Sports Activity Coordinators/ Assistants
  • Stipend: R8 500 pm( Head Office); R2 500 pm (Districts)
  • Duration: 12 Months
  • Company : KwaZulu-Natal Department of Sport, Arts & Culture
  • Location : KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  • Closing date: 19 April 2024

Locations and Reference Numbers

  • Amajuba (Ref No: EPWPDSAC 08/2024
  • Ethekwini (Ref No: EPWPDSAC 09/2024)
  • Harry Gwala (Ref No: EPWPDSAC 10/2024)
  • iLEMBE (Ref No: EPWPDSAC 11/2024)
  • King Cetshwayo (Ref No: EPWPDSAC 12/2024)
  • Ugu (Ref No: EPWPDSAC 13/2024)
  • Umgugundlovu (Ref No: EPWPDSAC 14/2024)
  • Umkhanyakude (Ref No: EPWPDSAC 15/2024)
  • Umzinyathi ( Ref No: EPWPDSAC 16/2024)
  • Uthukela (Ref No: EPWPDSAC 17/2024)
  • Zululand (Ref No: EPWPDSAC 18/2024)
  • Head Office (Ref No: EPWPDSAC 19/2024)

Minimum Requirements

  • Academic Foundations: A Matric qualification is not just a piece of paper; it’s proof of your dedication to learning and excellence. For those seeking roles at the Head Office as Sport Assistants, this certification is non-negotiable, serving as the foundation of your ability to handle the responsibilities that come with the role.
  • Age Inclusivity: Youth empowerment is at the heart of EPWP Internships 2024. Candidates need to be 16 years or older, providing a platform for both young adults fresh out of school and those looking to redirect their career path.
  • Employment Status: These internships are specifically tailored for individuals who are currently unemployed. This focus ensures that the EPWP Internships 2024 are accessible to those most in need of job experience and career growth opportunities.
  • Proximity Principle: Living within a 5km radius of your intended workplace is not just about convenience; it’s about community integration. Being a local gives you the advantage of understanding the unique dynamics of the area you’ll serve and the people you’ll empower.
  • Training Readiness: The willingness to undergo comprehensive training is a testament to your commitment to personal development and excellence in service delivery. EPWP Internships 2024 aim to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your role and beyond.

Skills and Competencies

To thrive in the EPWP Internships 2024, candidates should bring a toolkit of varied skills and qualities:

  • Community Insight: Ability to connect with local communities and understand their specific sports and recreational needs.
  • Interpersonal Abilities: Strong communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution skills for effective collaboration.
  • Digital Literacy: Proficiency in basic computer tasks, from data organization to social media engagement.
  • Sports Knowledge: Understanding of different sports codes and physical fitness principles to create inclusive programs.
  • Adaptability & Growth Mindset: Eagerness to learn and adapt, essential for personal development and responding to dynamic work environments.
  • Leadership Potential: Initiative in leading projects and the capacity to inspire others within the community.

Key Responsibilities

  • Community Engagement: Take a central role in delivering sustainable school sports programmes.
  • Skill Enhancement: Lead academy programmes, community recreation, and club development initiatives.
  • Strategic Involvement: Implement rural sports and active campaigns, including evaluation and reporting.
  • Integrated Projects: Be part of Operation Sukuma Sakhe (OSS) and other pivotal community projects.

Applying for EPWP Internships 2024

To take your first step towards securing a place in the EPWP Internships 2024, follow these detailed application instructions:

  • Z83 Application Form: Begin by downloading the Z83 Application Form, the standard form required for applications within South African government departments.
  • Complete Application Package: Alongside the Z83, submit a comprehensive curriculum vitae. Ensure to quote the relevant reference number and include the ward number where you reside.
  • Attention to Detail: Applications that miss any of the required information or do not follow the instructions will be disqualified.
  • Driver’s License: If you have one, note that a driver’s license may enhance your application.
  • Submission: Forward your application to the respective district addresses. Be certain to use the reference number for the district to which you are applying.

Submission Addresses per District

  • HEAD OFFICE: Send to either Private Bag X24, Mayville, 4058 or Private Bag X9141, Pietermaritzburg, 3200. Alternatively, hand deliver to 83-93 King Cetshwayo Highway, Highway House, Mayville, 4058 or 135 Pietermaritz Street, Pietermaritzburg, 3200.
  • AMAJUBA: Post to Private Bag X6665, Newcastle, 2940, or hand deliver to 37A Voortrekker Road, Newcastle, 2940.
  • ETHEKWINI: Submit via post to Private Bag X24, Mayville, 4058 or by hand at 1st Floor Highway House, 83-93 King Cetshwayo Highway, Mayville, 4058.
  • HARRY GWALA: Mail to Private Bag X512, Ixopo, 3276 or drop it off at 2 Margarette Street, Ixopo, 3276.
  • ILEMBE: Post applications to Private Bag X10639, KwaDukuza, 4449 or hand delivery to Corner of 1Link Road & R102, KwaDukuza, 4450.
  • KING CETSHWAYO: For postal submissions, use Lot No. 11637, Aloe Loop Street, Richards Bay, 3900 or hand deliver to the same address.
  • UGU: Send via post to Private Bag X701, Manaba, 4270 or hand deliver at No 31 Dias Road, Uvongo, Margate, 4276.
  • UMGUNGUNDLOVU: Mail to Private Bag X 9141, Pietermaritzburg, 3200 or drop off at 135 Pietermaritz Street, Pietermaritzburg, 3200.
  • UMKHANYAKUDE: Use Lot No. 45, Koedoe Street, Hluhluwe, 3960 for both postal and hand deliveries.
  • UMZINYATHI: Mail to 85 Karel Landman Street, Dundee, 3000 or hand deliver to the same location.
  • UTHUKELA: Post to Private Bag Xl 0043, Ladysmith, 3370 or hand deliver to 24 Lye Street, Ladysmith, 3370.
  • ZULULAND: For both postal and hand delivery, use the Old Legislature Building, 1st Floor, Office 5F11, King Dinuzulu Highway, Ulundi, 3838.

Take the time to review your application for completeness and accuracy before submitting. Your attention to detail could make all the difference.

The EPWP Internships 2024 in Sport, Arts & Culture are more than just a stepping stone—they are a pathway to personal and professional development and community engagement. This is your chance to gain meaningful experience and drive positive change.

Seize this opportunity! Apply for the EPWP Internships 2024 and build a solid foundation for a successful career in the dynamic field of sports and cultural development.