The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport in the Western Cape Government has an open Communication Officer vacancy. This role offers the chance to engage in enriching work supporting cultural and sporting initiatives across the province, promoting community enrichment and development.

As a Communication Officer, you will play a key role in shaping the public image and outreach of the department, ensuring that community engagement and information dissemination are both effective and impactful. This position offers a chance to work in a vibrant environment where creativity and community focus are valued.

Communication Officer Vacancy Overview

  • Position: Communication Officer
  • Reference No: CAS 09/2024
  • Salary: R359,517 per annum (Level 08)
  • Location: Western Cape, South Africa
  • Closing Date: 29 April 2024


  • A 3-year National Diploma/B Degree or higher in a relevant field.
  • At least one year of relevant experience in a Communications or Journalism environment.
  • A valid Code B (or higher) driving license is advantageous. Note that individuals with disabilities who have reasonable access to transport are also encouraged to apply.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Proficiency in Writing and Editing: The ideal candidate will possess strong writing skills capable of creating engaging content tailored to various audiences. Experience in editing ensures the production of clear, error-free communication materials.
  • Photography Skills: Ability to capture compelling images that tell a story. This includes a good eye for composition and familiarity with digital cameras and photo editing software, which is crucial for producing visually appealing content that can enhance written communications.
  • MS Office Proficiency: Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, including Word for document creation, Excel for data analysis and reporting, and PowerPoint for creating impactful presentations.
  • Digital Tools and Platforms: Familiarity with content management systems (CMS), basic graphic design tools like Adobe Creative Suite, and email marketing software such as MailChimp or similar platforms, which are often essential for modern communication strategies.
  • Written Communication: Ability to articulate ideas clearly and concisely in written form, ensuring that all communications are professional and resonate with the target audience.
  • Verbal Communication: Excellent verbal skills for effectively presenting ideas and information in meetings, workshops, and public speaking engagements. This includes being able to argue convincingly and negotiate effectively, ensuring clear and productive communication.
  • Collaborative Team Player: Demonstrates the ability to work cooperatively with colleagues and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, contributing positively to team operations and working environment.
  • Independent Worker: Exhibits strong self-management skills with a capacity to manage time effectively, prioritize tasks, and work autonomously when required. This is crucial in meeting deadlines and managing multiple projects simultaneously.

Key Responsibilities

  • Research and Development: Identify and research newsworthy events and topics relevant to the cultural and sporting sectors within the Western Cape. This involves staying up-to-date with current trends and community interests.
  • Story Crafting: Develop compelling stories that highlight department initiatives, achievements, and events. The ability to tailor content to different platforms and audiences is crucial, ensuring broad engagement and positive public perception.
  • Event Photography: Attend departmental and community events to capture high-quality images that effectively document and promote activities. This requires a proactive approach to positioning and timing to best capture the essence of events.
  • Creative Visual Storytelling: Utilize photography to enhance story appeal and engagement. This includes selecting, editing, and preparing photos for publication across various media outlets, ensuring they meet professional standards and effectively convey the intended message.
  • Content Management: Regularly update and manage the department’s website content, ensuring it is current, accurate, and engaging. This includes scheduling posts, updating event calendars, and ensuring that news content reflects the latest information.
  • SEO Optimization: Apply search engine optimization strategies to enhance the visibility of the website and its content on search engines. This includes using keywords, meta tags, and optimizing images and videos for better reach and engagement.
  • Vendor Relations: Manage relationships with vendors and service providers, such as printers, graphic designers, and freelance writers. This involves negotiating contracts, ensuring quality of service, and timely delivery of products or services.
  • Budget Management: Monitor and manage the budget for communications-related expenditures. This includes obtaining quotes, processing invoices, and ensuring that all spending aligns with departmental financial policies and guidelines.

Application Process

To apply for this Communication Officer vacancy, please submit your application online via the Western Cape Government’s job portals: Western Cape Government Jobs or Western Cape Gov eRecruit.

For issues with the online application process, contact the support helpline available from Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 16:00, at 086 1370 214. For inquiries related to the vacancy, please contact Ms. T Colyn at (021) 483 9877.

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This Communication Officer vacancy represents more than just a job—it’s an opportunity to make a significant impact in the cultural and sports sectors of the Western Cape. The ideal candidate will bring a blend of creativity, technical skill, and passion for public engagement.

Ensure your application is submitted by the closing date, as late applications will not be considered. If you are looking to further your career in a fulfilling and dynamic environment, we encourage you to apply and help shape the future of the Western Cape Government community.