Sasol, a leading integrated chemicals and energy company with a rich 70-year history, is inviting applications for an exciting Sasol Learnership in Administration. Situated in Sandton, this learnership opportunity extends for 12 months and is perfect for individuals aiming to launch their careers in a vibrant, professional setting.

Sasol Learnership Overview

  • Company: Sasol
  • Location: Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Job Req ID: 4280
  • Duration: Fixed Term Contract (Learnership) for 12 months
  • Closing Date: May 2, 2024

Programme Details

The Sasol Learnership integrates practical workplace experience and a theoretical training programme, designed specifically for Grade 12 graduates who are eager to develop critical professional skills. The curriculum includes:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Operations
  • Customer Service
  • Business Accounting
  • Maths Literacy
  • Communication Skills
  • Computer Skills

Learners will actively engage in administrative tasks, enhancing departmental productivity and gaining valuable readiness skills for the workplace.

Candidate Profile

  • Formal Education: Matric / Grade 12
  • A strong desire to develop administrative and business capabilities.
  • A commitment to professional growth and learning.

Key Responsibilities

The successful candidate will take on several key responsibilities during the Sasol Learnership in Administration. These are designed to ensure a comprehensive learning experience and substantial professional development:

  • Full Participation in the Learnership Programme:
    • Engage actively in all learning modules and complete each segment of the curriculum with diligence and a commitment to understanding the material.
    • Successfully pass all assessments, showing a grasp of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills taught during the learnership.
  • Workplace Readiness and Engagement:
    • Participate in all workplace readiness activities, which are designed to prepare you for a successful transition from the learning environment to a professional setting.
    • Attend workshops and seminars that enhance professional skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.
    • Complete all exercises and projects that simulate real-world administrative tasks and challenges.
  • Administrative Support:
    • Provide robust administrative assistance to departments and managers, thereby improving the efficiency and productivity of the team.
    • Handle scheduling, data entry, file management, and correspondence, ensuring that all administrative functions are carried out smoothly.
    • Support the planning and execution of departmental projects, meetings, and presentations, ensuring that all logistical aspects are managed effectively.
  • Contribution to Managerial and Departmental Effectiveness:
    • Assist in the implementation of departmental strategies and initiatives, contributing to the overall goals of the organization.
    • Provide critical support in managing workflows and maintaining organized systems, which is essential for the optimal functioning of any department.
    • Offer creative solutions and improvements to existing administrative processes, demonstrating proactivity and initiative.
  • Continuous Learning and Feedback:
    • Seek and utilize feedback from supervisors and mentors to continuously improve performance and adapt to the working environment.
    • Show a willingness to learn from each task and interaction, applying learned concepts and skills to real-world scenarios within the company.
  • Collaboration and Team Involvement:
    • Work collaboratively with other learners and staff, contributing to a team-oriented environment.
    • Engage in peer-learning activities and group projects, which are vital for building a network and improving interpersonal skills within the workplace.

Core Competencies

The Sasol Learnership in Administration is designed to cultivate a range of core competencies that are crucial for professional success in any field. Here is a detailed breakdown of the behavioral and technical skills that participants will develop:

  • Nimble Learning: Quickly grasp new concepts and adapt to changing circumstances. Efficiently assimilate and apply new knowledge to improve performance and solve problems.
  • Manages Complexity: Analyze and tackle complex problems by breaking them down into manageable parts. Remain effective and calm under pressure, maintaining focus amidst competing priorities.
  • Demonstrates Self-awareness: Recognize personal strengths and limitations, with a clear understanding of how one’s own behavior impacts others. Actively seek feedback and constructive criticism to enhance personal development.
  • Ensures Accountability: Take responsibility for personal actions and outcomes. Commit to meeting the obligations of the learnership and striving for high-quality results.
  • Workflow Management: Effectively manage time and resources to ensure that tasks are completed efficiently. Develop and maintain systems that streamline operations and improve data management.
  • Action Planning: Set clear, achievable goals based on the understanding of expected outcomes. Prioritize tasks and develop step-by-step plans to meet deadlines and achieve objectives.
  • Policies and Procedures: Understand and adhere to organizational policies and standard operating procedures. Apply this understanding to ensure compliance and operational excellence in everyday tasks.
  • Performance Improvement: Continuously seek ways to enhance personal performance and increase the efficiency of work processes. Embrace innovations and best practices that can lead to improved outcomes.
  • Execute and Coordinate Work: Effectively execute tasks and projects as planned. Coordinate activities with other team members to ensure that efforts are aligned and objectives are met seamlessly.

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Why Sasol?

Choosing Sasol’s Learnership means joining a community where innovation and people are valued greatly. Sasol champions diversity and inclusivity, providing a nurturing environment that facilitates personal and professional growth. The learnership gives preference to individuals from designated groups and those with disabilities, in line with Sasol’s Employment Equity Plan.

Application Process

Apply today for the Sasol Learnership in Administration and start your journey towards a successful career.

Don’t miss out on this transformative experience!

Sasol’s Learnership offers an unmatched opportunity to gain foundational skills that are essential in the business world. This programme not only develops competencies but also integrates learners into a diverse and forward-thinking team.