Rand Water’s driver team is expanding, and you could be the perfect fit! These Drivers Vacancies are not just jobs; they are a call to action for those ready to make a vital impact on Johannesburg’s water supply services.

Drive into a role that delivers more than just a paycheck. Join Rand Water, Africa’s largest water utility, in their mission to provide clean and sustainable water solutions. They are on the hunt for motivated individuals for their Driver Vacancies in the thriving hub of Johannesburg South.

Job Details: Drivers Vacancies at Rand Water

  • Reference Number: RAN240313-1
  • Location: Johannesburg South
  • Site: Central Depot / Bulk Distribution
  • Application Deadline: 29 March 2024

About Rand Water

Rand Water stands as a beacon of excellence in water utilities, with a legacy of spearheading innovative and sustainable water solutions for communities. By stepping into a driver role here, you’ll be driving for a cause, contributing to societal wellness, and laying the foundation for a rewarding career in water management.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Rand Water?

Necessary Qualifications:

  • A Grade 12 certificate is required to start.
  • A valid driver’s license (Code 10 or higher) with a PDP.
  • A good driving record, with knowledge of road safety norms.
  • Physical fitness for manual tasks and assistance.
  • Excellent communication skills and team collaboration.
  • Prior experience in driving or similar roles will be beneficial.

Key Responsibilities

As a Driver at Rand Water, your tasks include:

Timely Transportation of Water Resources and Supplies:

  • Ensure the punctual delivery of water and related supplies to designated areas, understanding the ripple effect of each delivery on the community and the importance of meeting schedules without compromising safety.

Assist with the Careful Loading and Unloading of Items:

  • Take charge of overseeing the secure loading of water resources, ensuring they are stowed safely and efficiently to avoid damage or loss.
  • Coordinate with the team to unload supplies at their destinations, applying a keen attention to detail to maintain the integrity of the items.

Conduct Vehicle Maintenance Checks:

  • Perform daily inspections of the vehicle to assess and maintain operational safety, including checking fluid levels, tire pressure, and brake function.
  • Identify any mechanical issues or wear and report them promptly to ensure the vehicle remains in top condition, reducing the risk of on-the-road failures.

Upkeep of Records and Documentation:

  • Diligently maintain accurate records of delivery schedules, vehicle maintenance, and fuel consumption, which are critical for the efficiency and accountability of the services provided.
  • Prepare reports on delivery operations, noting any obstacles encountered or deviations from the planned route or schedule.

Compliance with Health and Safety Protocols:

  • Adhere strictly to all health and safety protocols, especially those pertaining to the handling and transportation of water resources, to protect yourself, the community, and the environment.
  • Stay current with safety training and certifications as required by Rand Water and regulatory bodies.

Professional Representation of Rand Water:

  • Act as an ambassador for Rand Water while on the road, displaying professionalism and a commitment to the company’s mission in all interactions.
  • Adhere to all traffic laws and regulations, setting a standard for responsible driving that reflects well on Rand Water’s commitment to community safety and corporate responsibility.

Supportive Team Collaboration:

  • Collaborate with the logistics and distribution teams to plan routes efficiently, taking into account factors like traffic, road works, and weather conditions.
  • Offer hands-on assistance in other areas when not driving, demonstrating flexibility and a team-player attitude that bolsters the overall mission of Rand Water.

How To Apply

Navigate to Rand Water’s official job application portal and set your career in motion. To apply for these coveted Driver Vacancies, click here and follow the instructions to submit your application. The deadline is 29 March 2024, so be sure to turn the key on this opportunity before it’s too late.

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The call for Driver Vacancies at Rand Water is more than just an employment opportunity—it’s a beckoning towards participating in a noble mission. By joining the Rand Water family, you’re not just taking on a job; you’re embracing a lifestyle of service, dedication, and community contribution.