Looking for a gateway to a career in records management? The North West Department of Public Works and Roads invites applications for a Records Management Internship. If you’re a recent graduate or someone looking to shift into records or archive management, this internship could be your perfect starting point.

Records Management Internship

  • Position: Records Management Intern
  • Reference No: H/O 005/2024
  • Number of Posts: 2
  • Contract Duration: 24 months
  • Stipend: R7,043.31 per month
  • Location: Head Office, Mmabatho, North West Province

Why This Internship?

This Records Management Internship is a fantastic opportunity for individuals to get involved in the governmental sector, gaining firsthand experience and knowledge in a structured, professional environment. The internship offers a substantial stipend and the chance to develop skills crucial for future career advancement in public or private sectors.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum Qualification: Applicants must hold a Grade 12 Certificate, demonstrating a fundamental proficiency in academic subjects that are crucial for understanding basic administrative and record-keeping tasks.
  • Higher Education: In addition to the basic requirement, candidates must have obtained either a National Diploma or a Bachelor’s Degree in Archive or Records Management.


    • Record Management Interest: Candidates should demonstrate a strong interest in the field of records management. This includes a willingness to engage with both historical data and contemporary information systems, showing enthusiasm for preserving the integrity and history of documents.
    • Confidentiality: Given the sensitive nature of the documents handled, interns must be capable of maintaining strict confidentiality. This involves understanding privacy laws and regulations that govern the access and distribution of information.
    • Accuracy: Precision in managing records is paramount. Interns are expected to show meticulous attention to detail to ensure that records are accurately processed, stored, and retrieved without errors.
    • Organizational Skills: Effective records management requires excellent organizational skills. Interns should be able to categorize, file, and manage records in a way that they can be easily accessed and are logically organized.
    • Adaptability: The ability to adapt to various record-keeping technologies and methodologies is crucial. Interns should be comfortable working with both traditional paper-based systems and modern electronic records management systems (ERMS).
    • Communication Skills: Clear communication is essential, as interns will often need to collaborate with other departments and team members to gather, clarify, and process information. The ability to communicate effectively ensures that all records are accurately maintained and that any issues are promptly addressed.
    • Analytical Skills: Being able to analyze and synthesize information is beneficial, as it aids in understanding complex documentation systems and improving existing processes.
    • Initiative: Interns who show initiative and a proactive approach to learning new skills and tackling challenges are highly valued. This includes seeking opportunities to improve record-keeping practices and proposing innovative solutions to problems.
    • Team Collaboration: Although much of records management can be solitary work, the ability to work well in a team environment is important. Interns will often need to work alongside other departments and contribute to joint projects.

Roles and Responsibilities

Interns in the Records Management Internship program at the North West Department of Public Works and Roads will be entrusted with a variety of crucial tasks that support the department’s ability to manage and preserve its valuable records effectively. Here is a detailed breakdown of their key roles and responsibilities:

  • Policy Application: Interns will assist in the implementation and refinement of records management policies, ensuring they align with national standards and best practices.
  • Systems Development: They will also play a role in developing and enhancing records management systems to improve efficiency and accessibility. This includes participating in the selection and deployment of appropriate records management software and tools.
  • Training and Workshops: Part of their role may involve conducting training sessions or workshops for other departmental staff to foster a wider understanding of the importance of effective records management and ensure consistent application of policies.
  • Cataloging and Preservation: Interns will be involved in the cataloging, preservation, and systematic archiving of historical documents. This includes assessing the physical and digital storage conditions to ensure long-term preservation.
  • Digitization Projects: They may participate in projects aimed at digitizing paper records to enhance the durability and accessibility of archival materials.
  • Historical Integrity: Maintaining the historical integrity of documents is paramount, and interns will learn how to handle and process archival materials in a manner that preserves their original state and historical value.
  • Database Management: Interns will assist in managing databases that catalog records, ensuring that information is easily searchable and retrievable.
  • User Support: They will also provide support to departmental staff by retrieving documents and records upon request, demonstrating efficient search techniques and proper handling procedures.
  • Audit Participation: Participation in regular audits of records to verify their accuracy and accessibility is another key responsibility, ensuring the system’s reliability and functionality.
  • Compliance Checks: Interns will monitor compliance with legal frameworks governing records management, including data protection laws and freedom of information acts.
  • Policy Updating: They will assist in updating policies and procedures to keep pace with legal and technological changes affecting records management.
  • Risk Management: Identifying and addressing potential risks in the storage and handling of records to prevent loss, theft, or damage is a critical part of their role.
  • Interdepartmental Projects: Interns may work on special projects involving multiple departments, requiring coordinated efforts to integrate various records management systems and practices.
  • Innovation and Improvements: They are encouraged to propose and participate in initiatives aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of records management within the department.

How to Apply

Deadline for Applications: 07 May 2024
Submission: Use the New Z83 Form to apply.

  • Postal: Human Resource Management, Public Works and Roads, Private Bag X2080, Mmabatho, 2735
  • Hand Delivery: Registry Office no. 133, Ground Floor, East Wing – Old Parliament Building Complex, Modiri Molema Road.

Contact for Enquiries: Ms M.E Motshologane Tel No: (018) 388 4256

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Embarking on this Records Management Internship at the North West Department of Public Works and Roads opens the door to a world of career opportunities in the government sector and beyond. Not only will you gain practical, hands-on experience, but you will also contribute to the crucial functions of a major governmental department.

Don’t miss your chance to develop professional skills, network with industry professionals, and lay a strong foundation for your career in records management. Apply today to take the first step towards a rewarding and fulfilling future!