Are you passionate about cars and mechanics? Do you want to learn from the best and become a qualified motor mechanic? If yes, then you might be interested in applying for the Ford Apprenticeship 2024. Ford Germiston is offering an incredible opportunity to train and qualify as a Motor Mechanic.

Ford Apprenticeship 2024 Overview

Company: Motus Ford
Reference Number: MOT240125-14
Location: Germiston, South Africa
Closing date: 01 February 2024
Apply Online: Ford Apprenticeship 2024

Who Should Apply?

  • Individuals with a Grade 12 certificate, having Pure Maths and Physical Science.
  • Anyone with a valid, unendorsed driver’s license.
  • Candidates with a clear criminal record.
  • Mechanical insight and technical experience are advantageous but not mandatory.

The Apprenticeship Journey

Embarking on the apprenticeship journey at Ford Germiston is an exciting path for anyone passionate about automotive mechanics. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Guidance from Experts: As an apprentice, you will work closely under the supervision of experienced and qualified technicians. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from professionals in the field, absorb their knowledge, and understand the intricacies of automotive repair and maintenance.
  2. Hands-On Experience: You will be actively involved in the repair of various vehicles. This hands-on approach is invaluable, as it allows you to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. You will learn about different vehicle models, the latest diagnostic tools, and repair techniques that are at the forefront of the automotive industry.
  3. Educational Growth through Level Tests: Part of your apprenticeship includes preparing for and passing various level tests. These tests are designed to assess your understanding and skills in motor mechanics. Successfully passing these tests is crucial in moving forward in your apprenticeship and demonstrates your readiness for the next stages of your training.
  4. Adhering to Safety and Protocols: Safety is paramount in the workshop environment. You will learn to adhere strictly to workplace safety rules and protocols. This includes proper handling of tools and equipment, understanding the importance of personal protective equipment, and learning how to navigate and manage potential hazards in a workshop setting.
  5. Mentorship and Support: Throughout your apprenticeship, you will receive continuous mentorship and support from your supervisors. This guidance is not just about imparting technical knowledge; it’s also about helping you develop the right work ethic and professional attitude that’s required in a demanding and dynamic industry like automotive repair.
  6. Participation in MerSETA Programme: You will also be participating in the MerSETA (Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority) requirements of the trade. This ensures that your apprenticeship is aligned with national standards and that you’re gaining recognized qualifications.
  7. Personal and Professional Development: The apprenticeship journey is also about personal growth. You’ll develop problem-solving skills, learn to work effectively in a team, and enhance your ability to work under pressure. These skills are essential not just for a career as a motor mechanic but are transferable to any professional setting.
  8. Achieving Qualification in 4 Years: Your ultimate goal is to complete the apprenticeship and become a qualified Motor Mechanic within a maximum of 4 years. This achievement will open doors to numerous opportunities within the automotive industry and beyond.

Skills & Attributes Needed

  • Good with hands and comfortable in noisy environments.
  • Strong problem-solving and vehicle fault-finding skills.
  • Physically fit for demanding tasks.
  • Excellent English communication and writing skills.
  • Team player, meticulous, and energetic.

How to Apply

  1. Prepare Your Documents: Ensure your CV is updated. Have your Grade 12 certificate and driver’s license ready.
  2. Submit Application: Visit the Ford Germiston career page or drop your application at their Airport Park location in Germiston, Gauteng.
  3. Deadline: Remember, applications close on 2024/02/01.

Why Choose Ford Apprenticeship 2024?

  • Hands-On Experience: Get real-world experience in motor mechanics.
  • Qualify in 4 Years: Complete your apprenticeship and become a certified Motor Mechanic.
  • Career Growth: Ford is a renowned brand offering great career paths.

The Ford Apprenticeship 2024 is a stepping stone to an exciting career in motor mechanics. With hands-on experience and expert guidance, you’ll be on your way to becoming a skilled professional in the automotive industry. Do not miss this opportunity; apply before the deadline!