If you have a passion for pharmacy and a drive to succeed, the Dis-Chem Dispensary Support Learnership Program for 2024 may be just what you are looking for. This exciting opportunity offers aspiring pharmacists the chance to gain valuable experience and training in the pharmacy industry while working alongside experienced professionals at one of South Africa’s leading pharmacy chains.

The learnership program is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of pharmacy operations, including customer service, stock management, and dispensing medications.

Dis-Chem Dispensary Learnership Overview:

  • Position: Dis-Chem Dispensary Learnership
  • Location: South Africa
  • Closing date: 04 May 2024


  • Grade 12 with Mathematics and physical science or Life Science
  • Must have obtained at least an average of 50%


  • The sale of Schedule 1 medicines of scheduled substances.
  • Assist with call centre scripts and patient service telephone calls.
  • Provide information to individual to individuals in order to promote health.
  • Assist with scheme authorization of chronic. HIV/AIDS and oncology medication.
  • Report on low/ out of stock levels and stock errors to the dispensary manager.
  • Receive dispensary stock in accordance with the SOP set out by the company.
  • Assist with the unpacking and merchandising of stock and clearing of dispensary and OTC shelves approved by the responsible pharmacist.
  • Any other duties assigned to them by the Dispensary Manager
  • Ensure accurate picking/packing/labelling and checking of medication and be aware of common dosages as well as important drug interactions.
  • Ensure that all medications are checked for accuracy by a pharmacist and signed by a pharmacist.
  • Follow up with patient regarding script tracking report as requested by the dispensary manager and follow appointments.

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Skills and competencies

  •  English and a second language, ensuring effective communication with a diverse customer base.
  • Time management skills, the ability to prioritize tasks, allocate time effectively and meet deadlines consistently. It’s all about being organised, focused and disciplined in how you manage your time to achieve goals effectively.
  • Keen attention to detail, crucial for the accurate dispensing and handling of medication.
  • Dealing with pressure, it involves staying calm, focused and making effective decisions even in stressful situations.
  • Deadline-driven, the ability to efficiently manage time and prioritize tasks to meet established deadlines. It demonstrates reliability, organization, and the capacity to work well under pressure. As a skill, it showcases your ability to plan, execute, and deliver results within specified time frames, which is highly valued in many professions and industries.
  • Communication skills, fostering clear and effective interactions with both customers and team members. It involves clarity, active listening, empathy, and adapting your message to different consumers and situations.
  • Customer service skills, with a focus on providing exceptional care and support to patients.
  • Problem-solving skills, it helps you address efficiently, while patience is crucial for handling difficult or frustrated customers.
  • Team player attitude, it involves collaboration, communication , flexibility, and empathy. It’s about working well with others, sharing ideas, supporting teammates, and resolving conflicts constructively.
  • Conflict management skills, enabling the resolution of disputes in a constructive manner.
  • Proficiency in computer use, including pharmacy management software, to efficiently process prescriptions and manage inventory.
  • Numerical skills, necessary for the accurate handling of prescriptions and financial transactions.

How to Apply

In conclusion, Dis-chem Dispensary offers valuable learnerships that provide participants with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and develop key skills in the pharmaceutical industry. The program is well-structured, with a strong focus on mentorship and support for learners.

By participating in these learnerships, individuals can enhance their career prospects and contribute to the growth of the healthcare sector in South Africa. Overall, the Dischem Dispensary support learnerships for 2024 are a valuable investment in the future of aspiring pharmaceutical professionals.