The Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa (PSSA) stands as a cornerstone for professionals in the pharmacy sector, dedicated to fostering pharmaceutical education, practice, and research within South Africa. As advocates for professional development, the PSSA provides crucial support to the upcoming generation of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists through its comprehensive bursary program.

About the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa Bursaries

The PSSA’s bursaries are designed to aid students engaged in pharmacy and related fields from their second year of undergraduate studies onwards. This initiative not only alleviates financial burdens but also reinforces academic excellence and a profound dedication to the pharmacy profession.

  1. Undergraduate Bursary: Available to students pursuing a BPharm qualification, starting from their second year. Each bursary is granted for one academic year, requiring recipients to reapply annually. The selection criteria include financial need, academic performance, and the receipt of any other financial aid.
  2. Postgraduate Bursary: This supports master’s and doctoral studies in pharmacy-related disciplines. Awards are granted annually based on financial need (40%) and the academic potential and viability of the candidate’s proposed research (60%).

Eligibility Requirements for the PSSA Bursaries

  • Undergraduate Bursary Requirements:
    • South African citizenship with a valid ID
    • Completion of Matric/Grade 12
    • Full-time enrollment in a BPharm program, from the second year onward
    • Study at an accredited tertiary institution in South Africa
    • Registration as a PSSA student member (free membership)
    • Passing of all prior subjects/modules
    • A minimum 60% average in all previous years of study
    • Demonstrated financial need (family income below R130,000 pre-tax annually)
  • Postgraduate Bursary Requirements:
    • South African citizenship
    • Completion of Matric and an undergraduate degree
    • Full-time pursuit of a postgraduate pharmacy qualification (Masters or Doctoral)
    • Study at an accredited tertiary institution in South Africa
    • PSSA student membership

Application Process for the PSSA Bursaries

To apply for a PSSA bursaries, follow the online submission process through the PSSA website. Ensure that you check for any updates regarding the procedure each year, as details may change.

Required Documentation: The application must include the following mandatory supporting documents. Failure to provide any of these documents could result in the disqualification of your application:

  • ID Document: A certified copy of your South African ID.
  • Full Tertiary Academic Record/Transcript: Certified copies of your complete academic records.
  • Motivational Letter: A letter from a pharmacy lecturer supporting your application.
  • Financial Declaration: Includes proof of income for parents/guardians or household. This may consist of certified copies of payslips if employed, a balance sheet if self-employed, an affidavit if unemployed or working in the informal sector, and proof of pension if applicable.
  • All financial documents must be signed by both the applicant and the person responsible for their financial support. Refer to the application form for detailed requirements.

Submission Methods: You can submit your completed application along with all required documents in one of the following ways:

Ensure that your application and all supporting documents are complete and submitted within the specified application period. Applications submitted after the closing dates will not be considered. Remember, it is crucial to provide all required documents as part of your application to avoid disqualification.

Key Dates and Contact Information

  • Postgraduate Bursary Closing Date: 5 May 2024
  • Undergraduate Bursary: Opens in June 2024 (applications currently closed)

For additional information or inquiries related to the bursary program, contact:

Future Vision and Commitment

Anticipating the year 2025, the PSSA is committed to continuing its support for aspiring pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists who are poised to positively impact the healthcare industry in South Africa. The society’s investment in the education and professional growth of future pharmacists ensures a robust and diverse workforce ready to adapt to the dynamic needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

The Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa’s bursaries offer an invaluable opportunity for driven individuals in the pharmacy field to further their education and contribute significantly to the health sector. With the ongoing need for skilled pharmacists in South Africa, these bursaries represent a critical investment in the future of healthcare. Aspiring pharmacists are encouraged to seize this chance to advance their careers through the support of the PSSA.