The Department of the Premier, Western Cape Government, has opened an opportunity for a State Accountant role, emphasizing financial accounting. This position not only promises a competitive salary but also a chance to grow within a supportive and dynamic environment.

State Accountant Job Overview

  • Position: State Accountant: Financial Accounting
  • Reference Number: DOTP 07/2024
  • Location: City Cape Town, CBD
  • Department: Department of the Premier
  • Salary: R359,517 per annum (Level 08)

Who Should Apply?

Individuals with a strong background in accounting or financial management, looking to leverage their expertise within a governmental framework. This role is suited for those passionate about financial norms and standards and eager to apply their knowledge in a real-world setting.

Key Requirements

  • Educational Background: An appropriate 3-year National Diploma/B-Degree (or equivalent/higher qualification) in Accounting or Financial Management.
  • Experience: A minimum of 1-year relevant experience in a financial accounting working environment.
  • Competencies:
    • Profound knowledge of financial norms and standards, including the Public Finance Management Act, National Treasury Regulations, and Provincial Treasury Instructions.
    • Managerial acumen in financial systems.
    • Proficiency in drafting Financial Statements.
    • Computer literacy, particularly in MS Office (Word, Excel, and Outlook).
    • Familiarity with legacy systems and Generally Recognised Accounting Practices.
    • Skills in compiling Financial statements.
    • Capability to provide training, alongside presentation, written, and oral communication skills.


  • Conducting an Overall Assessment of the AFS Template: The State Accountant embarks on a meticulous examination of the Annual Financial Statements (AFS) Template, ensuring its alignment with the latest accounting principles and standards. This involves a proactive approach to identifying updates and modifications in the accounting landscape, integrating them into the department’s financial reporting framework.
  • Researching the Most Updated Accounting Standards and Manuals: Staying abreast of the evolving accounting standards is crucial. The accountant is responsible for continuous research and analysis of new and amended Accounting Standards, Manuals for Departments, and ad-hoc guidelines issued by both National and Provincial Treasury. This ensures that the department’s financial operations remain in strict compliance with the highest standards of financial governance.
  • Compiling the IFS/AFS with Primary and Secondary Financial Information: This task involves the diligent compilation of Interim Financial Statements (IFS) and Annual Financial Statements (AFS), encompassing both primary and secondary financial data. The role extends to ensuring that these compilations accurately reflect the financial standing and transactions of the department, adhering to the required disclosure norms and practices.
  • Aiding in the Implementation/Compliance of IFS/AFS Disclosure Notes: The accountant plays a critical advisory and implementation role in the context of IFS/AFS disclosure notes. This includes guiding the department through the maze of compliance requirements, ensuring that all financial disclosures are transparent, accurate, and fully compliant with regulatory mandates.
  • Completing and Submitting the Audit File and Regular Reporting: The preparation and submission of comprehensive audit files for external auditing purposes fall under the accountant’s purview. This responsibility also encompasses the regular reporting of financial information to stakeholders, ensuring timeliness, accuracy, and transparency.
  • Providing Guidance and Advice on Accounting Issues Related to IFS/AFS: As a financial steward, the State Accountant offers expert guidance and advice on complex accounting issues, particularly those pertaining to IFS and AFS. This role is pivotal in navigating challenges and ensuring that the department’s financial reporting and management are robust and error-free.
  • Ensuring Compliance and Reporting as per the PFMA Requirements: Adherence to the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) is non-negotiable. The accountant ensures that all financial activities and reports are in strict compliance with the PFMA, safeguarding the department against legal and financial risks.
  • Engaging in Continuous Professional Development: Keeping pace with the latest developments in the field of accounting and financial management is essential. The State Accountant is expected to engage in ongoing professional development activities, enhancing their expertise and contributing to the department’s capacity building.
  • Facilitating Inter-Departmental Financial Coordination: Effective financial management within the government sector often requires coordination across various departments. The State Accountant facilitates this inter-departmental collaboration, ensuring a cohesive approach to financial planning, reporting, and management.
  • Developing and Implementing Financial Policies: Beyond routine accounting tasks, the role involves developing and implementing robust financial policies and procedures. This strategic aspect of the job ensures that the department’s financial operations are governed by sound policies, promoting efficiency, accountability, and fiscal discipline.

Application Process

  • Applications are accepted online only through the Western Cape Government jobs portal.
  • Ensure your application is submitted by the closing date: 22 April 2024.
  • Technical support for online application issues is available at 0861 370 214 (Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 16:00).

Why Consider This Position?

This role offers not just a job but a career path enriched with opportunities for professional development, engagement in significant projects, and the ability to make an impact through public service.

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A career as a State Accountant within the Western Cape Government is more than a job; it’s a commitment to public service through financial stewardship. With a supportive environment and a clear path for growth, this role offers a unique opportunity to make a difference while advancing your professional journey.

If you meet the requirements and are driven by the prospect of contributing to the financial health of the public sector, don’t miss out on this chance. Apply today and take a step towards a rewarding career in financial accounting.