Revolutionize Your Career with This Exemplary Opportunity for a Specialised Nursing Manager Role

Are you a seasoned nurse with a flair for leadership and profound knowledge in Advanced Midwifery? Then, it’s time to uplift your career with an enticing role that needs your expertise. The esteemed Department of Health is looking to hire a competent professional for the position of Operational Manager Nursing (Specialty) Advanced Midwivery. Located at the distinguished Dr Yusuf Dadoo Hospital, this position presents you with a beneficial salary package of R 627 474.00 per annum with added benefits.

A Round-Up on the Role

The primary objective revolves around managing the operations linked to the nursing department and taking bespoke care of multiple scenarios related to Advanced Midwivery.

Application Closure Date

Keep in mind, the clock is ticking, and the closing date for this exciting position is the 26th of January, 2024. So, it’s time to update your CV, gather your credentials, and seize this wonderful opportunity.


The role is based at the heart of the South African healthcare sphere, at the renowned Dr Yusuf Dadoo Hospital. Known for its quality healthcare and expert staff, you are destined to grow both professionally and personally.

What’s in it for You?

Get ready to enrich your nursing career with an impressive salary package of R 627,474.00 per annum. Plus, enjoy additional benefits that will further enhance your career journey.

Ready to Apply?

To apply, simply head on to the job application link and follow the application process. Furthermore, should you require any additional information, feel free to explore the link for a comprehensive rundown on the role.

In Conclusion

Empower your nursing career by stepping into a role that allows you to exercise your skills in Advanced Midwivery and leadership. Remember, the application deadline is soon approaching. So, why wait when you can act now? Avail this golden opportunity that’s set to revolutionise your career.


I am an international applicant; can I apply for this job?

The job post is directed at South African nationals. For international applications, it’s best to confirm with the Department of Health regarding their international hiring process.

What is the application procedure for this job?

Interested candidates can apply by visiting the provided job application link and filling in the necessary details.

What will be my core responsibilities in this role?

The selected candidate will be primarily responsible for operations management linked to the nursing department, specifically focusing on Advanced Midwivery scenarios.

What is the application deadline?

The closing date for applications is the 26th of January, 2024. So, do not delay, apply today!