The South African Road Federation Bursary offers an excellent opportunity for individuals wishing to further their education in disciplines related to the road transport sector. This bursary program aims to support students who are pursuing studies that contribute to the advancement of road transport infrastructure and management in South Africa.

The bursaries are intended to supplement the students’ finances and ensure they can focus on their academic goals without undue financial stress.

Scope of Study

The South African Road Federation Bursary covers a wide range of disciplines within the road transport sector, ensuring a comprehensive approach to the development of skills and knowledge necessary for the industry. The categories of study considered for the bursary include:

  1. Road Engineering (Civil):
    • Traffic Engineering: Focuses on the efficient movement of people and goods on roadways.
    • Transportation Planning: Involves designing and evaluating transportation systems and infrastructure.
    • Pavement Engineering: Concerned with the design and maintenance of road surfaces.
    • Bridge Engineering: Covers the design, construction, and maintenance of bridges.
    • Construction Materials: Studies materials used in the construction of roads and bridges.
    • Storm Water Management: Focuses on the control and management of stormwater in road construction.
    • Environmental Impact: Studies the environmental effects of road construction and maintenance.
    • Construction Management: Involves overseeing the construction process of road projects.
  2. Road Transport Management: Studies focused on the management and operation of road transport systems.
  3. Road Transport Economics: Involves the study of economic principles as they apply to road transport.
  4. Road Safety Engineering: Focuses on the design and implementation of measures to improve road safety.

Terms and Conditions of the South African Road Federation Bursary

To be eligible for the South African Road Federation Bursary, applicants must meet specific criteria and adhere to the terms and conditions set by the Federation:

  • Study at Approved Institutions: Bursaries are awarded for study at approved South African universities, universities of technology, or equivalent institutions.
  • Eligibility: National Diploma students can apply after passing their first semester (S1) exams, and degree students after passing their first-year exams.
  • Level of Study: Preference is given to advanced level studies (M.Sc., M. Tech., or higher), although undergraduate applications may be considered under special circumstances.
  • Study Mode: Full-time study is preferred, but part-time and distance learning applications are also considered.
  • Endorsement: Applications must be endorsed by the appropriate academic authority at the institution where the applicant intends to study.
  • Bursary Value: The value of the bursary depends on the applicant’s needs and the Council’s decision. It is meant to supplement other finances and will not cover all expenses. The bursary will be paid directly to the academic institution on behalf of the bursar.
  • Post-Study Employment: Applicants must reasonably demonstrate that they will work within the South African road transport industry upon completing their studies.
  • Preference: Preference is given to employees of SARF members and South African residents, though individuals from SADC countries are encouraged to apply.
  • Bursar Obligations:
    • Enroll as associate members of SARF (annual subscription: approximately R730).
    • Submit six-monthly progress reports.
    • Be prepared to present their study subject to a local branch of the Federation.

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Application Process

Applications for the South African Road Federation Bursary must be submitted by 31 August each year. Interested candidates can obtain the prescribed application form and additional details from the South African Road Federation.

The contact details for the SARF are as follows:

Address: South African Road Federation
48 Gladiator Street
Rhodesfield, KEMPTON PARK, 1619

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 8379
Birchleigh, 1621

(011) 394 9025/1459


Further inquiries about the South African Road Federation Bursary program are welcome and can be directed to the email provided above.

The South African Road Federation Bursary offers a valuable opportunity for individuals aiming to make significant contributions to the road transport sector in South Africa. By supporting further education and training, SARF helps to ensure that the industry continues to grow and innovate, benefiting the entire nation.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply and take advantage of this chance to enhance their skills and career prospects in road transport.