South African Airways (SAA), a leader in African aviation, is excited to announce a South African Airways Vacancy for the role of First Officer. This opportunity is ideal for aviation enthusiasts and aspiring pilots eager to join an airline celebrated for its storied history and dedication to excellence.

The South African Airways Vacancy for a First Officer places you at the heart of SAA flight operations.

South African Airways Vacancy Overview

  • Reference Number: SAA231220-1
  • Job Title: First Officer
  • Division: Operations
  • Business Unit: Flight Operation
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Location: Kempton Park, Gauteng

Job Purpose

South African Airways (SAA) wants you to join the SAA family as a First Officer. As a First Officer, you will be expected to take all measures required for the safety of the flight, whether on the ground, or inflight, and be expected to perform the duties of a pilot for South African Airways as either a Second-In-Command Pilot (P2) or Cruise Relief Pilot (P3).

Minimum Requirements

  • Matric Certificate / Grade 12 / N3 or equivalent higher education (SAQA accredited)
  • Required subjects include Mathematics or Statistics 101, English, and either Physical Science or Computer Science with specified grades
  • Valid South African Airline Transport Pilot’s License or a Commercial Pilot License with completed ATPL ground subjects
  • At least 1,500 flight hours, with a minimum of 200 hours in multi-engine aircraft
  • Valid Class 1 medical certificate
  • South African citizenship with a valid passport

Knowledge and Skills

  • Must have expertise in the application of safety standards and safe operating practices
  • Detailed knowledge and understanding of national and international aviation regulations such as CAA, ICAO, IATA, FAA, and EASA
  • Demonstrate a firm understanding of international travel, international customs and practices etc.
  • Knowledge of all legal regulations for the piloting/aviation profession in the South African and international regulatory environment
  • Business communication skills (verbal and written)

Job Responsibilities

In the role of a First Officer at South African Airways, your core responsibilities are vital to our operation’s success and our reputation as a top-tier airline. Here’s what the position entails in more detail:

  • Ensure Flight Safety: As a First Officer, your primary responsibility is to ensure the utmost safety of each flight. This includes rigorous adherence to all safety protocols from pre-flight checks to post-landing procedures. You’ll work closely with the Captain and crew to monitor all aspects of flight safety, including weather conditions, aircraft functionality, and compliance with all regulatory requirements.
  • Operational Duties:
    • Pre-Flight Preparation: Conduct thorough pre-flight checks to ensure the aircraft is ready for a safe operation. This involves reviewing the aircraft’s condition, the flight plan, and ensuring all navigational tools and systems are functional.
    • In-Flight Responsibilities: Manage navigation and aircraft systems under the Captain’s supervision. Monitor flight parameters, fuel consumption, and weather conditions. Respond effectively to any unforeseen circumstances or emergencies, maintaining a calm and controlled environment.
    • Post-Flight Tasks: Complete all post-flight duties, including debriefing with the flight crew, reporting any issues encountered during the flight, and preparing the aircraft for the next journey.
  • Roles as Second-In-Command Pilot (P2) or Cruise Relief Pilot (P3):
    • As Second-In-Command Pilot (P2), you are directly involved in all phases of the flight, assisting the Captain in all flight operations and decision-making processes.
    • As Cruise Relief Pilot (P3), primarily in long-haul operations, your role is crucial during the cruise phase of the flight, taking over controls to ensure the Captain can rest, maintaining vigilance and readiness to handle any situation that arises during this period.
  • Uphold and Exceed Professional Standards: Maintaining the prestigious standards of South African Airways involves continuous professional development and adherence to the airline’s strict codes of conduct. You are expected to:
    • Engage in ongoing training and certifications to stay current with industry standards and technological advancements in aviation.
    • Exhibit exemplary conduct both in and out of uniform, representing South African Airways with integrity and professionalism.
    • Participate in performance reviews and feedback sessions to continually enhance your skills and contribute to the airline’s success.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Effective communication with the flight deck team, cabin crew, and ground staff is essential. You must ensure clear, concise, and respectful interactions to foster a cooperative work environment and ensure a seamless operation.
  • Customer Interaction: Occasionally, you may interact with passengers, providing reassurance, answering questions about the flight, and representing South African Airways’ commitment to customer service and safety.

The Application Process

  • Prospective applicants can apply for the First Officer Vacancy through the SAA website.
  • Selected candidates may be invited to undergo a series of assessments, including written tests, simulator evaluations, and interviews, to assess their technical skills, decision-making abilities, and compatibility with the airline’s culture.

Documentation Required

  • Matric results transcript
  • Aviation training records
  • A summary of all the types of aircraft flown and the number of hours flown in each type
  • Certified copies of the following: Matric Certificate; South African Identity Document / Passport, Academic transcripts; Last 3 pages of Pilot logbook; Pilot Logbook Summary, Pilot License; Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • CV

Joining SAA as a First Officer offers not only a rewarding career but also opportunities for professional growth and advancement within the airline. As you gain experience and accumulate flight hours, you may have the chance to progress to the rank of Captain, take on leadership roles, or explore other avenues within the aviation industry.

Apply now and take the next step in your career.