Universities South Africa, a beacon for higher education advocacy and strategic research, invites ambitious graduates to apply for an unparalleled opportunity. With a commitment to fostering skills development and practical experience, we are proud to announce our Receptionist Internship program. This initiative is not just a stepping stone but a gateway for graduates to immerse themselves in the professional world, bridging the gap between academic achievements and real-world applications.

Receptionist Internship Overview

  • Location: Pretoria, Executive Office
  • Company: Universities South Africa
  • Closing Date: 16 February 2024
  • Position: Receptionist Intern
  • Minimum Qualifications: Relevant Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Duration: 12 Months

About Universities South Africa

Universities South Africa stands at the forefront of representing public universities’ interests across the nation. Through advocacy, strategic research, and sector support services, we strive to promote cooperation among universities and with our partners. Located in Pretoria, our non-profit organization is fueled by a passion for higher education and is supported through membership fees, contract management services, and donor agencies. This internship represents a chance to join our cause, helping to achieve growth targets and personal development.

Key Responsibilities

The intern’s role extends beyond the front desk to embody the organization’s efficiency and professionalism. Responsibilities include managing all aspects of the reception area, ensuring a welcoming environment for guests and staff. This involves meticulous attention to detail in organizing and updating schedules, managing correspondence, and ensuring seamless communication channels within the office. The intern will also play a crucial role in supporting the planning and execution of events, managing inventory of office supplies, and assisting in the coordination of office maintenance tasks to ensure a safe and efficient working environment. Additionally, the intern will contribute to project work, offering support to various teams, thereby gaining exposure to a wide range of administrative functions and enhancing their professional development.

Required Skills

  • Knowledge of Administrative and Clerical Procedures: An understanding of office management systems, such as recordkeeping and the operation of standard office equipment, is essential. This includes managing files, updating paperwork and other documents, and performing routine office tasks to support organizational operations.
  • Knowledge of Customer Service Principles and Practices: The ability to engage with clients and visitors in a professional manner, ensuring their inquiries are addressed promptly and accurately. This includes developing a thorough understanding of the company’s services to provide effective support and assistance.
  • Computer Literacy: Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, including Word for document creation, Excel for data analysis and management, and PowerPoint for presentation preparation, is crucial. This skill set is necessary for creating reports, managing data, and supporting communication within the office.
  • Solid Written and Verbal Communication Skills: Clear and effective communication is vital, both in writing and speaking. This entails conveying information efficiently and professionally to colleagues, clients, and stakeholders, as well as crafting written documents without errors.
  • Excellent Organizational Skills: The ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, prioritize responsibilities, and maintain a systematic approach to work. This skill ensures efficient operation of the office environment, contributing to the overall productivity and smooth running of the organization.
  • Professional Attitude and Appearance: Maintaining a professional demeanor and appearance is essential, reflecting the organization’s standards and values. This includes adhering to the company’s dress code, demonstrating courteous and respectful behavior towards all individuals, and embodying the professional image of the organization.

Internship Objectives

The Receptionist Internship program is designed to offer unemployed graduates a meaningful work experience, equipping them with the necessary skills to navigate the labour market successfully. Interns can expect to gain hands-on experience, improve professional competencies, and develop a deeper understanding of the higher education sector’s operational aspects.

How to Apply

  • Required Documents: Letter of motivation, CV, names, and contact details of at least three referees.
  • Application Process: Submit the required documents via email to recruitment@usaf.ac.za by the closing date.

Additional Tips and Information

  • Ensure your CV and motivation letter are updated and tailored to the position.
  • Research Universities South Africa to understand our mission and values.
  • Prepare for the interview by reviewing common administrative tasks and software used in office settings.

Tip: Maximize Your Internship Success

This internship offers a rare chance to contribute to the higher education landscape while gaining invaluable experience. We encourage graduates passionate about making a difference to apply and join us in shaping the future of education in South Africa.