Welcome to a remarkable opportunity that promises to shape your professional path and foster personal growth. The Department of Roads and Transport presents  Organisational Development Internship, inviting forward-thinking individuals to immerse themselves in a dynamic environment of learning and practical experience. 

This internship is tailor-made for those seeking to delve into the intricacies of organisational development and contribute to the advancement of communities.

Introduction to the Department of Roads and Transport

The Department of Roads and Transport holds a pivotal role in establishing and maintaining the transportation infrastructure that sustains communities and propels economic prosperity. As advocates for the development of emerging talents, we are excited to introduce an internship programme focused on organisational development.

Exploring the Organisational Development Internship

  • Reference Number: refs/018892
  • Directorate: Organisational Development
  • Number of Posts: 5
  • Location: Johannesburg
  • Closing Date: 08-09-2023
  • Package: R 5920.62 – R 7620.68 (Stipend will be awarded based on Qualifications)
  • Enquiries: For any inquiries, kindly reach out to Mr. Solomon Maphangule at (011) 355-7564, Mr. Andrew Senwamadi at (011) 355-7557, or Ms. Mathapelo Makhetha at (011) 355-7521.

Prerequisites for Participation

To be a part of this enriching internship experience, individuals should meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Possession of a National Diploma/Degree in Management Services, Operations Management, or Production Management.
  • Age bracket between 18 and 35.

Roles and Responsibilities for Interns

As an intern within the Organisational Development Programme, you will engage in a range of responsibilities relevant to the field. This hands-on involvement will provide a glimpse into real-world scenarios, equipping you with practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

Navigating the Application Process

Applying for this Organisational Development Internship is a structured process:

  1. Obtain the new (January 2021) Z83 application for employment form from www.dpsa.gov.za.
  2. Ensure that all sections from Part A to D of the Z83 form are meticulously completed.
  3. If space is limited in Part E to G, you may reference your attached Curriculum Vitae (CV) or other documents.
  4. Address queries pertaining to conditions that could potentially prevent re-appointment under Part F.
  5. Complete and sign the declaration as per requirements.
  6. Submit copies of your Qualifications, Identity Document, and Driver’s License (if applicable), along with other relevant documents. Notably, certified copies are not necessary at this stage.
  7. Only online applications will be considered. Access the application portal at https://professionaljobcentre.gpg.gov.za/.

Important Considerations

  • Communication will be directed exclusively to shortlisted candidates.
  • In case of no communication received within two (2) months following this advertisement, please understand that your application was not successful.
  • We highly encourage individuals with disabilities to embrace this opportunity wholeheartedly.

Assessment Criteria for Interns

  • Are you aged between 18 and 35?
  • Do you possess the pertinent qualifications as outlined in the advertisement?

Due to the anticipated volume of applications, we regret to inform you that individual acknowledgement of applications will not be possible. A lack of response within three (3) months indicates an unsuccessful application.

Navigating Your Path Forward with Us

At the Department of Roads and Transport, we believe in nurturing emerging talents and providing a platform for their professional journeys. This internship programme is meticulously structured to equip participants with the tools, insights, and practical experiences necessary to thrive in the dynamic field of organisational development.

If you’re prepared to embrace transformative experiences, learn comprehensively, and contribute to impactful projects, we invite you to submit your application today. This could mark the commencement of a rewarding and meaningful career trajectory.