Are You Ready to become an Online Hustler and Build Your Business from the Comfort of Your Home?

  • Location: Home-based
  • Job Type: Part-time
  • Part-time Hours: 20 per week
  • Salary: Up to R5,000 per month

Are you a tech-savvy individual with a burning desire to venture into a new business opportunity, but find yourself limited by capital constraints and unsure of where to begin? If so, Word of Mouth NPC is here to empower you on your journey to becoming an online hustler.

Word of Mouth (WOM) is a South African Non-Profit Organization dedicated to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit within individuals residing in informal settlements. We believe that everyone, regardless of their background, deserves the opportunity to unlock their potential and achieve their dreams.

The Thriving Opportunity for Online Hustlers

We’re excited to announce that we have opened up 10 new seats on our dynamic platform, and we’re on the lookout for talented, ambitious individuals like you to seize this opportunity. As part of the Word of Mouth platform, you’ll initially focus on building your business by selling shoes. However, we have grand plans to expand our platform and are seeking partners who are eager to diversify their product offerings within the next 6 months.

How It All Works

  • Product Catalog: WOM will provide you with a catalogue of products available for sale, complete with recommended pricing, each week.
  • Product Selection: You have the flexibility to choose which products align with your business strategy. You’ll then promote these products on platforms like Facebook Marketplace or another of your choice.
  • Client Engagement: WOM will take care of confirmation calls with your clients and handle product deliveries to their homes on your behalf.

The Perks of Joining the Word of Mouth Platform

  • Low Barrier to Entry: Start your own business and tap into the local market without needing specific technical skills or access to substantial capital.
  • Logistics Support: WOM provides comprehensive logistics support, including confirmation calls, product procurement, and hassle-free product delivery.
  • Bulk-Purchasing Power: By buying stock on your behalf, WOM capitalizes on bulk purchasing, and these cost savings are passed directly on to you, boosting your net earnings.
  • Flexible Workstyle: You have complete autonomy over how you work, and your income potential is directly proportional to your dedication and drive to succeed.
  • Skill Development: WOM offers vocational, social media, and life skills training to equip you with the tools necessary to nurture and grow your business.
  • Independence: While you collaborate with WOM, you maintain your independence – you are working with WOM, not for WOM.

Minimum Requirements

  • You must reside within one of the following areas: Blue Downs, Crossroads, Delft, Gugulethu, Khayelitsha, Langa, Mfuleni, Mitchells Plain, Nyanga, or Phillipi.
  • A valid bank account to facilitate seamless transactions.
  • A Facebook account that has been active for a minimum of 2 years.
  • A smartphone to efficiently manage your online business.

The Purpose Behind Our Program

At Word of Mouth NPC, we’re not just about profits; we’re about empowering the youth of South Africa to reach their full potential, especially in the wake of the challenges posed by COVID-19. We believe that by providing opportunities like this, we can help individuals bounce back stronger and more resilient than ever before. 

To learn more about our broader mission and impact, visit our website at

Join the Online Hustling Movement Today

If you’re ready to embrace the role of an online hustler and embark on a journey of self-discovery, financial independence, and community empowerment, then don’t miss this opportunity.

Application Questions

You must live within one of the following areas: Blue Downs, Crossroads, Delft, Gugulethu, Khayelitsha, Langa, Mfuleni, Mitchells Plain, Nyanga, or Phillipi. Where do you live?

Do you have a smartphone?

Do you have a valid Facebook account that is a minimum of 2 years old?

Do you have a valid bank account?

Join Word of Mouth NPC Today and Unleash Your Inner Online Hustler!