Job Alert: Operational Manager (Specialty) Orthopaedics

If you’ve been waiting for a well-positioned opportunity in healthcare, today might just be your lucky day. The Department of Health is hunting for a dynamic healthcare professional to fill the role of Operational Manager, specialising in Orthopaedics at the renowned Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital. Set yourself up for growth and advancement in the heart of Gauteng Province.

The Opportunity

The Department of Health in South Africa is offering an extraordinary opportunity for a go-getter to step into the role of an Operational Manager (Specialty) Orthopaedics. This position boasts a competitive salary range of R627 474.00 – R703 752.00 per annum. Along with the well-coveted salary, additional benefits greatly enrich the overall compensation package.


Situated at the very heart of Gauteng, you’ll be nestled within the bustling environment of Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital. Experience the gratifying challenge of serving a large community while working at one of Gauteng’s biggest healthcare institutions.

Essential Details

Job Title: Operational Manager (Specialty) Orthopaedics

Closing Date: 2024/01/24

Department: Department of Health

Location: Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital

Salary Package: R627 474.00 – R703 752.00 per annum Plus benefits

All eager and eligible candidates are encouraged to seize this opportunity presented by the Department of Health.

Application Link: Click Here


With a challenging yet rewarding role, a competitive salary package, and the opportunity to serve at one of the region’s leading healthcare institutions, this job post presents an irresistible opportunity. Be sure to submit your application before the deadline on 24th January 2024.


1. When is the Cut-off date for applications?

The deadline for applications is 24th January 2024.

2. Where is the job located?

The position is based at the Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital, in Gauteng.

3. What does the salary package amounts to?

The salary package ranges from R627 474.00 to R703 752.00 per annum, plus added benefits.

4. How can I apply?

Candidates can apply for the job by visiting the given link: Click Here.

Remember, opportunities like these come once in a blue moon. Don’t miss out. Good luck!