Job Opportunity: Operational Manager (Specialty) Orthopaedics at the Department of Health

South Africans, lend us your ear! Right here is an exceptional job opportunity that might be just the one you’ve been waiting for. The Department of Health is eager to hire an Operational Manager (Specialty) Orthopaedics. If you are specifically a professional in the field of Orthopaedics and looking to step into a managerial role, rack your focus towards Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital. The position boasts an appealing salary package ranging between R627 474.00 and R703 752.00 per annum, not forgetting those extra benefits. Don’t miss the window for application; you have until the 24th of January 2024 to apply.

About the Department of Health

The South African Department of Health is an esteemed government institution dedicated to elevating the standards of health care for all South Africans. Striving for a health system that is not only accessible but efficient and high-quality, the department offers a conducive environment for professionals looking to make a difference.

What Does the Operational Manager (Specialty) in Orthopaedics Job Entail?

This role, stationed at Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital, puts you at the helm of orchestrating specialist orthopaedic services. As the Operational Manager (Specialty) in Orthopaedics, your tasks will involve the administration of crucial orthopaedic services, managing personnel and resources within your department, and ensuring the implementation of policies and procedures that secure the most effective patient care.

Financial Perks

Your efforts and dedication will definitely not go unrewarded. The Department of Health is offering a lucrative salary package of R627 474.00 – R703 752.00 per annum for this role. Besides, you’ll also be privy to a range of other benefits offered by the organization.

How to Apply?

To apply, simply head to the job application link: here. Ensure to submit your application before the closing date, which is the 24th of January 2024.


The Department of Health’s job opening for the Operational Manager (Specialty) in Orthopaedics is indeed a golden opportunity for those desiring to escalate their profession in the field. With an excellent salary package and the chance to be inside an institution such as the South African Department of Health, you are looking at a job opportunity that is equally rewarding and gratifying.


When is the deadline for the application?

The application window closes on the 24th of January, 2024.

Where is the role based?

The role is based in Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital.

What is the salary package?

The salary package ranges between R627 474.00 – R703 752.00 per annum, in addition to other benefits.