Exciting Job Opportunity: Operational Manager Nursing Speciality (Neonatal ICU)

Seeking a new challenge in the medical field? Keen to make a significant impact in neonatal care? Look no further! We’ve got an attractive job opening for the position of Operational Manager Nursing Speciality with a focus on Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (ICU) within the Department of Health at Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital. This could be the perfect fit for you!

Who We Are

We are the Department of Health, a department known for its commitment to deliver quality healthcare services to the South African public. Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital is one of the main health facilities we operate, providing specialist health services to our surrounding communities.

What The Position Entails

The successful candidate will be responsible for the nursing operations within the Neonatal ICU of Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital. This is a demanding but fulfilling role that requires both technical proficiency and excellent leadership skills.

Compensation Package

This position offers an attractive salary package ranging from R 627 474.00 – R 703 752.00 per annum. In addition to this lucrative remuneration, you will also be entitled to additional benefits that make this opportunity even more rewarding.

Application Process

If this sounds like the journey you want to embark on, we’re excited to hear from you! To apply, simply click on the Job Application Link provided below:

Job Application Link:

Operational Manager Nursing Speciality (Neonatal ICU) Application

Please note that the application closing date is 2024/01/24. Don’t delay, seize this opportunity to enrich your career and make a difference in the health department!


This job post presents a rare and lucrative opportunity for those in the field of healthcare management to spearhead the nursing department of a Neonatal ICU. We welcome your application and look forward to the possibility of you joining our hardworking health care team at the Department of Health in Gauteng.


1. What is the application deadline for this role?
The application deadline is 2024/01/24.

2. Where is this job located?
The position is based at the Tembisa Provincial Tertiary Hospital in Gauteng.

3. What does the compensation package look like?
The salary package ranges from R 627 474.00 – R 703 752.00 per annum. Additional benefits are also included.

4. Where can I apply for this job?
You can apply for this job using the link provided in the job post above.

Good luck, job-seekers! We’re rooting for your successful application – your next career leap could be just a click away!