Exciting Career Opportunity: Medical Orthotist and Prosthetics Grade 1 at Tambo Memorial Hospital

Here’s a golden opportunity for medical professionals passionate about enhancing patient’s life quality and seeking a rewarding career opportunity in the healthcare sector! The Department of Health is on the lookout for a dedicated Medical Orthotist and Prosthetic for their esteemed healthcare facility at Tambo Memorial Hospital.

Position Details

The vacancy available is for the rewarding position of Medical Orthotist and Prosthetics Grade 1. This position calls for individuals committed to improving the lives of patients by utilising skills and knowledge to create and manage custom treatment plans catered to patients needs.

Deadline for Applications

Mark the date! The closing date for applications is 23 January 2024. Make sure to submit your application well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Job Location

The position will be based in the highly respected Tambo Memorial Hospital. A renowned institution in the Department of Health, this hospital is the perfect place to advance your career, broaden your skill set, and experience the rewarding nature of the healthcare industry first-hand.

Salary and Benefits

The successful candidate will be rewarded with a competitive annual salary of R359 622.00 with additional benefits. This is your chance to secure a financially rewarding position while making a significant impact in the healthcare sector.

How to Apply

Interested and eligible individuals can apply by clicking on the application link provided: [Apply Here]


This position offers an ideal opportunity for individuals looking to make a difference in the healthcare industry. With a competitive salary and added benefits, this position sums up to be a remarkable prospect for career growth and professional development. Waste no time and grab this opportunity while it lasts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When is the application deadline?

The application must be submitted on or before 23 January 2024 to be considered.

Where is the position based?

The position will be based at Tambo Memorial Hospital.

What is the annual salary for the position?

The annual salary for the position is R359 622.00, exclusive of additional benefits.

How can I apply for this job?

You can apply for this job by clicking the link provided above in the ‘How to Apply’ section.