Mr Price is currently seeking a qualified individual to fill a vacant position as a Call Centre Agent within the New Accounts department. This exciting Mr Price call centre agent vacancy is an opportunity for candidates to become integral members of a dynamic team dedicated to upholding standards of efficiency, professionalism, and ensuring customer satisfaction at Mr Price. If you are passionate about delivering exceptional service and contributing to a thriving work environment, this vacancy offers a chance to play a key role in the continued success of our organization.

Mr Price Call Centre Agent Vacancy Overview

Company: Mr Price
Location: Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa (On-site)
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Job Description:

As a Mr Price Call Centre Agent in the New Accounts department, you will be at the forefront of delivering exceptional service to our valued customers. Your role extends beyond traditional customer support, encompassing a diverse set of responsibilities to ensure the smooth operation of the New Accounts division. Here’s a deeper look into the key aspects of your position:

  • Customer Inquiries: Act as the first point of contact for customers, addressing inquiries related to new accounts, store cards, and associated services. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of our products and services to provide accurate and relevant information.
  • Mr Price Store Card Applications: Guide customers through the store card application process, offering assistance and ensuring a seamless experience. Collaborate with customers to complete necessary documentation and verify information, adhering to compliance standards.
  • Correspondence Management: Handle incoming and outgoing correspondence with diligence and attention to detail. Craft clear and concise responses to customer queries via various communication channels, including email and written correspondence.
  • Verification of Employment Details: Conduct thorough verification of employment and personal details through effective communication with employers and other relevant entities. Uphold the highest standards of data accuracy and privacy compliance during the verification process.
  • Quality Assurance: Implement quality assurance measures to ensure that all customer interactions, applications, and verifications meet or exceed established standards. Continuously strive for process improvement, identifying areas where efficiency and effectiveness can be enhanced.
  • Team Collaboration: Work collaboratively with team members to share insights, best practices, and contribute to a positive and supportive team environment. Participate in team meetings and training sessions to stay informed about updates, changes, and improvements in processes.
  • Professional Development: Take advantage of opportunities for professional development and skill enhancement, staying abreast of industry trends and changes in relevant legislation. Engage in ongoing training programs to strengthen your capabilities and contribute to the overall success of the New Accounts department.


To excel in the role of a Call Centre Agent for the New Accounts Department at Mr Price, candidates are expected to bring a combination of education, experience, and regulatory knowledge. The qualifications sought for this position are as follows:

  • Grade 12 Qualification: Possession of a Grade 12 qualification is a fundamental requirement, showcasing a basic level of education necessary for this role. A commitment to learning and adapting to the responsibilities associated with the position.
  • Call Centre Experience: A minimum of 1 year of call centre experience, specifically within a new accounts environment, is essential. Previous exposure to the nuances of new accounts processes, customer interactions, and application handling will contribute to your effectiveness in the role.
  • Regulatory Knowledge:
    • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of relevant industry legislation, including but not limited to:
      • Consumers Protection Act: Familiarity with consumer rights and protection measures to ensure fair and transparent business practices.
      • POPI (Protection of Personal Information Act): Adherence to privacy regulations and commitment to safeguarding customer information.
      • National Credit Act: Understanding the regulations governing credit transactions and ensuring compliance in all aspects of new accounts.
      • ICASA (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa): Awareness of regulations pertaining to communication services, ensuring adherence to industry standards.
  • Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills: Possess strong analytical skills to interpret and apply regulatory guidelines effectively. Demonstrate problem-solving abilities to navigate complex customer inquiries, applications, and compliance issues.
  • Effective Communication: Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, are crucial for interacting with customers, team members, and other stakeholders. The ability to convey information clearly and concisely is essential in providing top-tier customer service.
  • Detail-Oriented Approach: Display a meticulous and detail-oriented approach to tasks, especially during the verification of employment details and the processing of store card applications. Uphold a commitment to accuracy and precision in maintaining customer records.
  • Adaptability: Demonstrate adaptability in a fast-paced call centre environment, adjusting to evolving processes, customer needs, and industry regulations. Willingness to embrace change and contribute to the continuous improvement of departmental processes.

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Becoming a Call Centre Agent for New Accounts at Mr Price offers not only a chance to work in a vibrant and diverse city but also an opportunity to contribute significantly to the success of a customer-focused team. If you possess the required qualifications and are ready to embark on a fulfilling career in customer service and new accounts, this role may be the perfect fit for you. Join Mr Price in delivering excellence and enhancing the customer experience!