Are you a dedicated student with a passion for making a difference in the lives of women and children in developing countries? The Margaret McNamara Education Grants (MMEG) Bursaries for 2025 offer a fantastic opportunity for female students to pursue their academic dreams while contributing to a meaningful cause.

This program accepts applications between May 15 and September 14 (11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time) each year.

MMEG Bursaries Overview

  • Company: MMEG
  • Location: South Africa
  • Closing Date: 14 September 2024

About MMEG

The Margaret McNamara Education Grants (MMEG) supports women from developing countries in their pursuit of education to improve the lives of women and children in these regions. By providing financial assistance, MMEG helps women to access higher education and contribute to their communities’ development.

MMEG Bursaries Eligibility criteria

  • Be already enrolled full-time or part-time (minimum of 2 courses per semester or term) at one of the universities on the provided list.
  • Be enrolled for at least one academic semester (half year) following the award of the MMEG grant in December (the term between January and July 2025).
  • Plan to graduate no later than three years following the award of the MMEG grant.
  • Hold a study permit for South Africa if applying from an eligible country other than South Africa.
  • Estimated expenses should be calculated and expressed in Rand.

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How to Apply for the MMEG Bursaries

Applications for the MMEG Bursaries 2025 must be submitted online. Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Online Application: Visit the MMEG Bursary Application 2025 (select “South Africa program” in the first question of the application).
  2. Register an Account: Applicants need to register an account before they can log in and complete the application.

Required Documents to Apply

Ensure you have clear copies of the following supporting documentation ready for your online application:

  • ID Document: For South African citizens.
  • Passport with Photo: For those studying outside their home country.
  • Study Permit or Visa Page: Current passport page applicable to foreign candidates.
  • Second Passport Page: If you have dual citizenship.
  • Proof of Registration: Official registration at a university (not an acceptance letter), on institution letterhead.
  • Academic Reports and Transcripts: Latest reports and transcripts on institution letterhead.
  • Personal Story: Brief details about your personal story, studies, and how your experiences and future plans are connected to your commitment to helping women and children in developing countries.
  • Financial Situation: A brief paragraph explaining your financial situation for the academic year, how you plan to fund your needs, with estimated expenses calculated and expressed in Rand.
  • Thesis Summary: If applicable, include a summary of your thesis, objective, methodology, and findings. If not applicable, describe how your current studies tie in with your future professional or volunteer service goals.
  • Reference Letters
    Academic Reference: One from a faculty member at your university.
    Character Reference: One from someone who can vouch for your character (not a family member).

The MMEG Bursaries 2025 are a valuable opportunity for female students committed to making a difference in developing countries. If you meet the requirements and are passionate about your studies and service goals, we encourage you to apply.

This bursary not only provides financial support but also empowers you to make a significant impact in your community and beyond.

Queries may be addressed to The results will be announced on our web page in December.