Embark on a transformative career journey with Maersk, a global titan in logistics, through the YES Learnerships for the 2024/2025 intake. Located in the bustling city of Johannesburg, this initiative is tailored for young, driven South Africans ready to make a significant impact in the world of global trade.

Maersk YES Learnerships Overview

  • Company: Maersk
  • Location: Johannesburg
  • Reference Number: Ref. R103082

What the Maersk YES Learnerships Offer

The Maersk YES Learnerships provide a unique one-year, entry-level program that integrates professional growth with real-world application. Positioned within the advanced South African offices, participants will experience first-hand the intricacies of logistics operations, gaining essential skills that align with the demands of a globally connected economy.

Ideal Candidate Profile

Maersk YES Learnerships are seeking candidates who:

  • Are South African citizens.
  • Have completed their Grade 12 education; additional tertiary qualifications are beneficial.
  • Are not currently employed permanently and have less than 2 years of work experience.
  • Are between the ages of 18 and 30.
  • Are committed to the full 12-month duration of the program.
  • Have not previously participated in a YES Learnership.
  • Exhibit strong academic performance, advanced computer literacy, effective communication skills, quick learning abilities, solid time management, and a positive team-oriented attitude.

Key Responsibilities

During the Maersk YES Learnerships, participants will be actively involved in a variety of roles that are critical to the operational success of our global logistics operations. Here is an expanded overview of the responsibilities that learners will undertake:

  • Supporting Business Functions:
    • Participants will assist across diverse business functions including finance, customer service, human resources, and supply chain management.
    • They will help in streamlining processes, managing data, and preparing reports that aid decision-making and strategic planning.
    • Engage in project management tasks to understand the complexities of logistics operations from a holistic perspective.
  • Operational Efficiency:
    • Learners will contribute to the core of Maersk’s operations by participating in the optimization of logistical workflows.
    • Tasks include monitoring inventory systems, assisting in the management of shipping and receiving, and helping to coordinate supply chain logistics.
    • Focus on implementing sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact and improve operational efficiency.
  • Practical Skill Development:
    • The learnership provides hands-on training in state-of-the-art technologies and systems used in modern logistics and trade.
    • Participants will develop analytical skills by working with real-time data to resolve issues and optimize operations.
    • Communication and interpersonal skills will be honed through collaborative projects and regular interactions with team members and stakeholders.
  • Customer and Client Interaction:
    • Learners will have opportunities to interact with clients and customers, providing support and insights into logistics solutions.
    • This involves understanding client needs, responding to inquiries, and helping to maintain strong, positive relationships with Maersk’s global clientele.
  • Compliance and Best Practices:
    • Participants will learn about and help enforce industry regulations and company policies to ensure compliance across all operations.
    • They will be involved in risk assessment and management initiatives to safeguard operations and maintain high standards of business ethics and safety.
  • Innovation and Continuous Improvement:
    • Encouraging a mindset of continuous improvement, learners will participate in workshops and sessions on innovation in logistics.
    • They will be encouraged to propose new ideas and solutions that challenge conventional methods and drive the business forward.

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How to Apply

Ready to advance your career with Maersk in Johannesburg? If you meet the above criteria and are excited about contributing to the future of global logistics, click on the apply now link to start your application process.

Seize this opportunity to join Maersk, where we don’t just adapt to changes in global trade—we anticipate and shape them. Apply now for the Maersk YES Learnerships and be part of a visionary journey towards a sustainable and efficient future.