In the heart of Limpopo, an exciting opportunity awaits for South African youth graduates seeking to catapult their careers in the finance sector. The Limpopo Treasury has rolled out the red carpet for aspiring young professionals through its highly anticipated Graduate Internship Program for the year 2024.

This initiative is specifically tailored for unemployed youth who have not previously participated in any Public Service Graduate Internship programme across any government department.

Limpopo Treasury Internship Details

  • Duration: 24 months (1st July 2024 – 30th June 2026)
  • Stipend: R84,519.75 per annum

Available Finance Internships at the Limpopo Treasury

  1. Financial System Implementation (1 Position): Ideal for graduates with a National Diploma/Degree in Business Analysis/Information Systems.
  2. Banking, Cash, and Liabilities Management (2 Positions): Open to graduates in Accounting/Financial Accounting/Banking.
  3. Financial Management and Capacity Building (1 Position): Seeking graduates in Human Resource Management/Development.
  4. Municipal Finance (1 Position): For those with a degree in Accounting/Internal Auditing/Cost Management/Supply Chain/Operations Management.
  5. Transformation Services (1 Position): Social Work/Psychology graduates, with Honours or registration with SACSSP or HPCSA, have an advantage.
  6. Internal Audit (1 Position): Graduates in Internal Audit/Accounting are encouraged to apply.

Eligibility Criteria

  • South African Citizenship: Applicants must be South African citizens, a foundational requirement ensuring that the program benefits the youth of South Africa. This criterion is in line with the government’s effort to prioritize local talent and reduce unemployment among South African graduates.
  • Limpopo Residency: Preference is given to residents of Limpopo, aiming to directly impact the local economy and community by uplifting its youth. Applicants should either have a permanent address in Limpopo or be able to demonstrate a strong connection to the province (such as having completed their secondary or tertiary education within the province).
  • Age Requirement: The age limit for applicants is set between 18 to 35 years. This age range targets young graduates who are at the early stages of their career paths, offering them a chance to gain the necessary experience and skills to thrive in the competitive job market.
  • First-time Participants: Candidates must not have previously participated in any Public Service Graduate Internship Programme. This condition is designed to extend opportunities to new entrants, ensuring that a wider group of graduates has access to practical work experience.
  • Educational Qualifications: Applicants awaiting their final qualifications are eligible to apply but must provide proof of their academic progress. This includes academic transcripts or a formal letter from their educational institution confirming that they have completed their studies. This flexibility ensures that those who are on the verge of graduating can also take advantage of this opportunity without having to wait an additional year.
  • Academic Achievement: While not explicitly stated, it is implied that a good academic record may bolster an applicant’s chances of selection. As such, candidates are encouraged to highlight their academic achievements and any relevant coursework or projects that align with the internship roles they are applying for.
  • Good Standing: Applicants should be in good standing, with no criminal record, and may be required to undergo security vetting. This ensures the integrity and safety of the workplace and aligns with the public service’s standards for employment.
  • Commitment to Learning: Interns are expected to demonstrate a strong commitment to learning and professional development. Candidates should be eager to absorb knowledge, adapt to new environments, and contribute positively to their assigned departments.

How to Apply

Interested candidates are required to submit a resume, academic transcripts, and a cover letter explaining their motivation for joining the program. Shortlisted applicants will be asked for certified copies of their qualifications and other relevant documents. Applications and inquiries can be directed to the contact details provided below or visit for more information.

Download Z83 Form

Limpopo Treasury Internship Benefits

This program is not just an internship; it’s a launchpad for your career. Interns will gain hands-on experience in financial management, budgeting, and policy analysis. They will work alongside experienced professionals, contributing to significant projects that influence the province’s fiscal policies and economic development. The program also offers mentorship, helping interns develop essential skills for their professional growth.

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Contact Information

  • Website:
  • Physical Address: No 56/58 Paul Kruger Street, Polokwane
  • Postal Address: Private Bag X9486, Polokwane, 0700
  • Telephone: 015 291 8400 | 015 291 5513

For aspiring finance professionals in Limpopo, this internship presents a golden opportunity to gain invaluable experience and set the stage for a rewarding career path. Through dedication and hard work, interns can contribute significantly to the province’s financial well-being and potentially secure permanent employment within the Limpopo Treasury or other government departments.

Don’t miss this chance to turn your aspirations into reality!