Kagiso Trust, a pioneer in development initiatives across South Africa, is now offering exciting internship opportunities for 2024. This programme is aimed at equipping young graduates with necessary work experience in their respective fields.

Graduates between the ages of 18 to 35 who are unemployed are encouraged to apply for these Kagiso Trust Internships.

About Kagiso Trust

With a legacy spanning over three decades, Kagiso Trust has committed over R2 billion towards development programs aimed at eradicating poverty and promoting equity and justice in society. The Trust’s efforts are concentrated in areas such as education development, institutional capacity building, socio-economic development, and financial sustainability.

Kagiso Trust Internships Overview

The Kagiso Trust Internships offer a 12-month engagement designed to provide graduates with hands-on work experience in various sectors. Below are the details of the available positions:

1. Communications and Marketing Intern (Reference No: CM2024JHB)

  • Requirements: National Diploma or Degree in Marketing, Journalism, Copywriting, Public Relations, or equivalent.
  • Duties: The role includes digital marketing, event management, graphic design, and copywriting among other related tasks.

2. Company Secretariat and Legal Intern (Reference No: CSL2024JHB)

  • Requirements: Chartered Governance certificate or equivalent.
  • Duties: Responsibilities include facilitating board and committee meetings, handling statutory returns, and drafting resolutions.

3. Programme Management and Research Intern (Reference No: PMR2024JHB)

  • Requirements: National Diploma or Degree in Project Management, Business Studies, Social Sciences.
  • Duties: This position involves managing documentation, conducting research, and monitoring global and national trends.

4. HR Intern (Reference No: HR2024JHB)

  • Requirements: National Diploma or Degree in Human Resources or equivalent.
  • Duties: Duties include HR administration, payroll coordination, and training logistics.

5. Finance Intern (Reference No: FIN2024JHB)

  • Requirements: National Diploma or Degree in Finance, Accounting.
  • Duties: The intern will engage in various financial tasks including asset management, audit preparation, and risk management.

6. Local Government Support Intern (Reference No: LGS2024JHB)

  • Requirements: National Diploma or Degree in Project Management.
  • Duties: Key tasks include project management, revenue management, and stakeholder engagement.

7. Socio-economic Development Intern (Reference No: SED2024JHB)

  • Requirements: National Diploma or Degree in Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Studies.
  • Duties: The intern will work on impact fund management, program design, and business valuation.

8. Policy Development Intern (Reference No: PD2024JHB)

  • Requirements: National Diploma or Degree in Development Policy, Political Sciences, Economics.
  • Duties: Responsibilities include monitoring policy developments and drafting legislative documents.

9. Education Researcher Intern (Reference No: EDU2024JHB)

  • Requirements: National Diploma or Degree, Honours degree is an advantage.
  • Duties: The intern will research educational policies, analyze data, and handle research-based queries.

10. Civil Society Support Programmes Intern (Reference No: CSSP2024JHB)

  • Requirements: Grade 12 certificate, tertiary qualification preferred.
  • Duties: This position involves supporting community development, planning events, and engaging stakeholders.

How to Apply

Candidates applying for Kagiso Trust Internships should include the reference number on the subject line of their application email. A short CV, motivational letter, and certified copies of relevant documents are required.

Applications can be sent to: recruitment@kagiso.co.za

Tip: How to Write a Job Application Email in 8 Easy Steps

Kagiso Trust’s internship program offers a unique and valuable opportunity for graduates to step into the professional world equipped with practical skills and experience. Each internship role is designed to challenge and grow its participants, preparing them for successful careers in their respective fields. By participating in Kagiso Trust Internships, young professionals not only enhance their employability but also contribute to meaningful projects that have a real impact on society.

Applicants must ensure that all documents are certified and include the reference number of the internship in the subject line of their email. This is not just an opportunity to gain work experience, but also a chance to be part of a team dedicated to creating a just and equitable society.

Don’t miss out—apply now and be the change you wish to see!