The Hortgro Bursary for the academic year 2025 is an initiative designed to support students pursuing studies in the agricultural sector, specifically in fields related to the deciduous fruit industry. Hortgro, focusing on research and technology within this industry, offers this financial assistance to develop future leaders in agriculture.

About Hortgro:

Hortgro is a South African organization that represents the interests of the horticulture industry, including nursery stock, cut flowers, and vegetables. The organization aims to promote sustainable and responsible practices in the industry, while also providing training and development opportunities to its members.

Expectations, Renewal, and Selection of the Hortgro Bursary

Bursary recipients are expected to:

  • Provide Quarterly Updates: Recipients must provide Hortgro with quarterly updates regarding their studies and general well-being.
  • Submit Semester Results: Regular submission of academic results is required.
  • Maintain Good Behaviour: Recipients must maintain good behaviour throughout their studies.
  • Attend Hortgro Functions: Participation in Hortgro functions is mandatory.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Citizenship: Must be a South African citizen.
  • Education: Must have completed or be in Grade 12.
  • Fields of Study: Must be enrolled or intend to enrol in fields such as agricultural economics, agri-Management, entomology, horticulture, microbiology, plant pathology, soil/water science, and other related research and technical fields at a recognized South African tertiary institution.
  • You must meet the admission requirements for your chosen course of study

Application Requirements:

Applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Certified Copies of ID: Certified copies of the applicant’s ID.
  • Matric Certificate: If applicable.
  • Latest Academic Records: Most recent academic transcripts.
  • Proof of Tertiary Registration: Confirmation of enrolment at a tertiary institution.
  • Proof of Income: Latest payslips if employed or an affidavit if unemployed.
  • Estimated Study Fees Breakdown: Includes tuition, books, and accommodation.
  • Parents/Guardians’ ID Documents: Certified copies.
  • Proof of Other Financial Assistance: If applicable.
  • Personal Essay: An essay including details about oneself, career plans, future aspirations in the agricultural environment, and reasons for applying for the bursary. This essay must be handwritten and included in the application form.
  • Two Contactable References: Provide contact details for two references.

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Application Process:

Steps to Apply

  • Prepare Your Documents: Gather all the necessary documents required for the application. Ensure all copies are certified and up-to-date. This includes your ID, matric certificate (if applicable), latest academic records, proof of tertiary registration, proof of income for parents or guardians, and any other financial assistance documentation.
  • Write Your Personal Essay: This is a critical part of your application. The essay should be handwritten and included in the application form. It should cover the following points:
    • About Yourself: Introduce yourself, your background, and your interests.
    • Career Plans: Briefly detail your career aspirations and how you plan to achieve them.
    • Future in Agriculture: Explain where you see yourself in the agricultural sector in the future and why you are passionate about it.
    • Reasons for Applying: Convince the selection committee why you should be awarded the bursary.
  • Complete the Online Application Form: Fill out all required fields accurately and upload your documents. Ensure your contact details are correct for any follow-up communication.

For any queries related to this bursary programme, please contact Hortgro directly:

The Hortgro Bursary for 2025 is a remarkable opportunity for South African students pursuing studies in agricultural sciences, particularly those focused on the deciduous fruit industry. This bursary not only provides essential financial support but also fosters the development of skills and knowledge critical to advancing the agricultural sector.

By investing in the education and professional growth of young talent, Hortgro ensures the sustainability and innovation of the fruit industry in South Africa. Aspiring students are encouraged to apply and become part of this transformative initiative, contributing to the future of agriculture in the nation.