The Ericsson Gen-E Graduate Programme is an exceptional opportunity tailored for recent graduates in the MMEA market. Ericsson, a leading force in the tech industry and the driving power behind the mobile world, values the fresh talent and innovative ideas that new graduates bring.

The Gen-E programme celebrates the unique skills, talents, and perspectives of its participants, setting the stage for a dynamic and successful career in technology.

Ericsson Gen-E Graduate Programme overview

  • Company: Generation Ericsson (GEN-E)
  • Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa


  • Experience: 0-1 years
  • Educational Background:
    • Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, IT, Information Systems, Network Engineering, or Communications, with a focus on Telecommunications.
  • Graduation Year: 2023-2024


Joining the Ericsson Gen-E Graduate Programme requires a diverse skill set to ensure you can thrive in a fast-paced, innovative environment. Here are the key skills and attributes that successful candidates will bring to the table:

Basic Programming and Scripting Understanding

As a participant in the Gen-E Graduate Programme, you will need a fundamental understanding of programming and scripting languages. This includes:

  • Familiarity with Coding Languages: Basic knowledge of languages such as Python, Java, C++, or JavaScript.
  • Scripting Skills: Understanding of shell scripting and automation scripts to streamline processes.
  • Problem-Solving with Code: Ability to write and troubleshoot code to solve technical problems.

Broad Technical Acumen

Your technical skills will be crucial in navigating the complexities of telecommunications technology. This involves:

  • Understanding of Software Development: Awareness of software development lifecycle, methodologies (Agile, Scrum), and best practices.
  • Hardware Knowledge: Basic understanding of computer hardware, network components, and telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Adaptability to New Technologies: Ability to quickly learn and adapt to new tools, platforms, and technological advancements.

Critical Thinking

The ability to think critically is essential for identifying and solving problems efficiently. This includes:

  • Analytical Skills: Ability to analyze data, identify patterns, and make informed decisions.
  • Creative Problem Solving: Innovatively addressing challenges and developing unique solutions.
  • Decision-Making: Evaluating options and making decisions that benefit the project and organization.

Expertise in Technology Application

Applying theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios is a key aspect of this role. This involves:

  • Technical Implementation: Translating technical concepts into practical applications in real-world projects.
  • Project Management: Understanding the basics of project management, including planning, executing, and monitoring projects.
  • Collaborative Work: Working effectively in team settings, contributing to group projects, and sharing technical knowledge.

Basic IT and Telecommunications Knowledge

A foundational understanding of IT and telecommunications will enable you to excel in this programme. This includes:

  • Network Fundamentals: Basic understanding of network protocols, configurations, and operations.
  • Telecommunications Principles: Knowledge of how telecommunications systems operate, including mobile networks, broadband, and wireless technologies.
  • Cybersecurity Awareness: Understanding basic cybersecurity principles to protect data and systems.

Job Offer Includes:

  • 12 Months On-the-Job Training and Rotation: Gain diverse experiences across various departments.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Work with the latest innovations in the tech industry.
  • Open and Inspiring Culture: Foster idea generation and hands-on experience.
  • Mentorship Programs: Receive guidance from industry specialists.

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Application process

Tip: Click Here for comprehensive information on hiring process at Gen-Ericsson Graduate Programme.

Why Join Ericsson?

Joining the Ericsson Gen-E Graduate Programme offers an exceptional opportunity to push boundaries, build innovative solutions to the world’s toughest problems, and join a diverse team of innovators committed to challenging the status quo.

The Ericsson Gen-E Graduate Programme is more than just a job; it’s a launchpad for your career in the telecommunications industry. By joining this programme, you will gain hands-on experience, work with cutting-edge technology, and be mentored by industry experts. This is a unique opportunity to develop your skills, expand your professional network, and make a real impact in a global company.

Ready to start your journey with Ericsson and be part of the future of telecommunications? Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to join the Ericsson Gen-E Graduate Programme. Apply now and take the first step towards an exciting and rewarding career.

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