The Ekurhuleni Health District is proud to announce a Dental Assistant Vacancy for a dedicated and skilled Grade 1 Dental Assistant to join the dynamic Oral Health team.

As a crucial member of the Gauteng Department of Health team, the Dental Assistant will play a key role in facilitating the smooth operation of dental services, ensuring that patients receive the most comprehensive and compassionate care possible.

This opportunity is ideal for someone looking to make a meaningful impact in the field of oral health, within one of South Africa’s most forward-thinking health districts. The Ekurhuleni Health District values innovation, dedication, and a patient-centric approach, all of which are qualities they anticipate in the new Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant Vacancy Overview

  •  Reference Number: EHD2024/04/11
  • Company: Gauteng Department of Health
  • Directorate: Oral Health
  • Centre: Ekurhuleni Health District
  • Salary: Grade 1: R196,536 – R222,615 per annum (plus benefits)
  • Closing Date: 26 April 2024

Key Requirements

For the Dental Assistant Vacancy at the Ekurhuleni Health District, candidates must meet the following comprehensive requirements to ensure they are well-prepared to undertake the responsibilities associated with this role:

  • Applicants must possess at least a Grade 12 Certificate or its equivalent, which lays the foundational skills necessary for further training and understanding of healthcare protocols.
  • Additionally, a Dental Assistant certificate obtained from a recognized institution is required. This certification should cover all essential aspects of dental assisting, including theoretical knowledge and practical skills in dental care procedures.
  • Active registration with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) is mandatory. This registration confirms that the candidate meets all the professional and ethical standards required to practice as a Dental Assistant in South Africa.
  • It is imperative that this registration is maintained annually to ensure ongoing compliance with HPCSA standards and to stay updated with continuous professional development.
  • Candidates should have less than 10 years of relevant experience as a Dental Assistant. This criterion ensures that the candidate is experienced yet still adaptable to new protocols and technologies that may be implemented in the district’s facilities.
  • Experience in various settings such as dental clinics, hospitals, or educational institutions is highly advantageous as it indicates a well-rounded skill set.
  • Possession of a valid driver’s license is highly beneficial for this role. This skill enhances the candidate’s application as it enables flexibility and the ability to perform duties that may require travel between different clinics and service areas within the health district.
  • Other beneficial skills include strong organizational abilities, excellent communication skills, and a proactive approach to patient care and teamwork. These skills are essential for managing the multi-faceted duties of a Dental Assistant efficiently.
  • Attention to detail is critical for both the clinical and administrative aspects of the job, ensuring accuracy in tasks such as preparing instruments, recording patient data, and adhering to infection control protocols.
  • The ability to work cooperatively in a team environment is crucial, as Dental Assistants must work closely with dentists, hygienists, and other healthcare professionals to provide effective dental care.
  • Candidates should exhibit a compassionate approach towards patient care, demonstrating patience and understanding, especially when dealing with anxious patients or children.

Job Duties

In the Dental Assistant Vacancy at the Ekurhuleni Health District, the selected candidate will be entrusted with a variety of clinical and administrative responsibilities that are crucial for the efficient operation of dental services. These duties include but are not limited to:

    • Provide effective chair-side support to dentists during procedures, utilizing four-handed dentistry techniques to enhance the efficiency and safety of dental treatments.
    • Prepare and organize dental instruments and materials needed for each procedure, ensuring they are sterilized and assembled according to the highest standards of dental care.
    • Stay updated on the latest advancements and technologies in dental materials to optimize patient care and treatment outcomes.
    • Implement and adhere to strict infection control protocols to prevent the spread of pathogens in the dental office. This includes the proper sterilization of instruments, use of personal protective equipment, and the disinfection of surfaces and equipment.
    • Maintain a thorough understanding of various dental materials and instruments, ensuring their proper use and handling during dental procedures
    • Conduct regular inventory checks to ensure that all necessary dental supplies and equipment are available and in good working condition.
    • Manage stock levels efficiently, placing orders for new supplies as needed while adhering to budgetary constraints.
    • Oversee the routine maintenance and troubleshooting of dental equipment, coordinating with technical support to address any malfunctions or issues promptly.
    • Undertake comprehensive administrative duties including patient registration, scheduling appointments, maintaining accurate and up-to-date patient records, and handling patient correspondence and inquiries.
    • Ensure confidentiality and security of all patient records and information in compliance with healthcare regulations.
    • Provide support and assistance across various sub-districts as required, including working in clinics, mobile units, correctional facilities, and educational settings.
    • Assist oral hygienists in conducting educational programs and preventative care initiatives in schools and community centers.
    • Collaborate closely with oral hygienists, aiding them in the preparation and execution of dental cleanings and preventative treatments in both clinical and educational environments.

Application Details

  • Submission: Applications for the Dental Assistant Vacancy must be on a new Z83 form
  • Delivery: Submit applications in person at Ekurhuleni Health District, 40 Catlin Street, Germiston, 1400, Ground Floor, or via mail to The Human Resource Manager, Private Bag X1005, Germiston, 1400.
  • Registration: Make sure to register your application under the reference number at the provided location.

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Enquiries: Dr S Mbelu, Tel No: (011) 876-1775

This Dental Assistant Vacancy in the Ekurhuleni Health District represents a valuable opportunity for qualified professionals seeking a fulfilling career in dental healthcare. The role offers a chance to work in various settings, providing critical support to dental operations and contributing to community health. With a competitive salary and additional benefits, this position is ideal for candidates who meet the specified requirements and are eager to advance their careers in a supportive and dynamic environment.

Do not miss the closing date on 26 April 2024, and take the first step towards a rewarding career in healthcare. For further inquiries, Dr. S Mbelu is available to assist with any additional information needed. This opportunity could be your next professional milestone, contributing significantly to your growth and the wellbeing of others.