Bridgestone is offering an exciting opportunity for graduates through its Graduate Internships Programme for the 2024/25 period. This program is designed for enthusiastic self-starters looking to gain practical experience and develop their skills in a dynamic work environment.

Graduate Internships Overview:

Company: Bridgestone
Key Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Type of Contract: 12 Month Contract
Closing date: 19 January 2024

Bridgestone Graduate Internships:

1. Marketing Graduate / Intern:

  • Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s degree or Diploma specializing in Commerce, Communications, Marketing, Media studies, or an equivalent qualification.
  • Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, a positive attitude, and a growth mindset. Team player qualities and leadership experience are advantageous.
  • Additional Skills: Passion for events, interest in content creation, good working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, basic Excel), and familiarity with basic online design tools like Canva.

2. Human Resource Graduate / Intern:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent qualification in Human Resource Management or Industrial Psychology.

3. Chemistry Graduate / Intern:

  • A BSc/BTech or relevant qualification in Chemistry, Polymer Technology, or Material Science.

4. Finance Graduate / Intern:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree/ Diploma or equivalent qualification in Finance, Financial Management, Accounting, or CIMA.

5. Health and Safety Graduate / Intern:

  • A Degree/Diploma or relevant qualification in Safety Management.

6. Legal Graduate / Intern:

  • Bachelor’s Degree/ Diploma or equivalent qualification in Law / LLB.
  • Candidates should possess excellent written and verbal communication skills, research abilities, a growth mindset, and strong administrative skills.
  • A positive attitude and the ability to work with a diverse team are essential.

Key Aspects of the graduate internships:

The Bridgestone Graduate Internships are designed to provide a comprehensive, immersive learning experience, preparing interns for a successful career in their chosen field.

  • Mentorship and Shadowing: Interns will have the opportunity to shadow experienced staff members across various departments. This mentorship aspect is pivotal in providing real-world insights into daily operations and industry practices, fostering a deeper understanding of the business.
  • Meetings and Workshops: Attendance at meetings and workshops is an integral part of the internship. These sessions are designed not just for learning but also for active participation and contribution, offering interns a platform to express their ideas and learn from industry experts.
  • Exposure to Diverse Work Environments: The program may involve traveling to different Bridgestone locations or departments. This exposure to various work settings equips interns with a broad perspective of the company’s operations and enhances adaptability.
  • Performance Evaluations and Coaching: Regular assessments are conducted to monitor the progress of interns. These evaluations are coupled with coaching sessions, aimed at identifying strengths, addressing areas for improvement, and setting developmental goals, ensuring continuous personal and professional growth.
  • Record Keeping of Internship Experience: Interns are encouraged to maintain a detailed record of their experiences, learnings, and accomplishments during the program. This practice not only aids in evaluating their performance but also serves as a valuable resource for future career opportunities.
  • Project Involvement: Interns may be given the chance to work on specific projects, allowing them to apply their academic knowledge in a practical setting. This hands-on experience is crucial for understanding the complexities of project management and teamwork in a corporate environment.
  • Networking Opportunities: The internship provides numerous opportunities to network with professionals within the company. These connections can be invaluable for career guidance, mentorship, and future job prospects.
  • Skill Development: Throughout the internship, there will be a strong focus on developing essential workplace skills such as communication, problem-solving, teamwork, and time management. These skills are critical for professional success and can be applied in any future career path.
  • Feedback and Reflection: Interns are encouraged to provide feedback about their internship experience and engage in reflective practices. This two-way feedback process helps the company enhance its internship program and allows interns to articulate their learning and growth.
  • Cultural Exposure: Being a part of a global company like Bridgestone, interns will experience a multicultural work environment. This exposure is invaluable for developing a global mindset and understanding of diverse work cultures.

Application Process for the 2024 Graduate Internship Programme:

  • Interested candidates can apply online through Bridgestone’s career portal. Specific links for each internship position are provided on the Bridgestone website.
  • Every application submitted will undergo thorough review. Applicants selected for further consideration will be contacted by the Human Resources team for the subsequent phase of our recruitment process.

These graduate internships are a great opportunities to kickstart your career in a global company with a diverse and inclusive work environment. Bridgestone fosters a culture where innovation and continuous learning are highly valued. Through these graduate internships, you will be encouraged to think creatively and contribute new ideas, supporting both your personal growth and the company’s objectives. Good Luck

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