Are you ready to start a journey that will not just shape your career but also contribute to building the nation? Anglo American Learnership Opportunities for 2024 are your gateway to a future filled with possibility.

Anglo American Learnership Overview

Company : Anglo American
Location : South Africa
Closing date: 16 February 2024

Transform Your Aspirations into Achievement

Anglo American, a leading global mining company, presents its Three-year Artisan Learnership Program designed to uplift the community by providing hands-on, practical training alongside essential classroom learning. This program is more than just an education; it’s a tailored experience aimed at maximizing your potential and preparing you to make a real impact.

As you progress through the Artisan learnership, you will uncover your capabilities, polish your skills, and ready yourself to become a craftsman of note. Anglo American believes in nurturing real talent, and this program is the perfect platform to demonstrate your dedication and skill.

Anglo American Learnership Opportunity Awaits

Candidates who show promise and commitment will be given a chance to enroll in an external Unemployed (18.2 B1) Learnership program, leading to qualification as a certified Artisan.

Who Can Apply?

If you meet the following entry requirements, this opportunity is for you:

  • A Matric certificate with Mathematics (not Mathematics Literacy), Physical Science, and English (all with a minimum of 40% pass),
  • Or an N2 qualification or higher with all subjects as per specific Discipline Requirements,
  • Or an NCV Level 4 in an appropriate trade with all subjects passed with a minimum of 40% pass.

Roles Available

Applications are now open for various engineering learnerships across several complexes and mines, including:

1. Engineering Learnership – Amandelbult Complex

The Amandelbult Complex, a part of Anglo American’s impressive portfolio, is offering specialized Engineering Learnerships that cater to those who aspire to master the crafts of fitting, rigging, electrical work, diesel mechanics, and boilermaking.

A Range of Disciplines for a Diverse Future

Whether you are intrigued by the intricacies of electrical circuits or the robust world of diesel mechanics, there’s a place for you. Here’s a glimpse into what each field offers:

  • Fitter: Dive into the world of machines, learning the ins and outs of assembling, maintaining, and repairing machinery in mining operations.
  • Rigger: Take to the heights and depths of construction and maintenance, mastering the art of moving heavy equipment with cranes and gantries.
  • Electrician: Illuminate your path by understanding the complexities of electrical systems and ensuring they’re running safely and efficiently.
  • Diesel Mechanic: Get under the hood of the heavy-duty diesel machines that power the industry, ensuring they’re in top condition.
  • Boilermaker: Shape steel into power – construct and maintain systems that will withstand the pressures of mining operations.

2. Engineering Learnership – Polokwane Metallurgical Complex

The Polokwane Metallurgical Complex offers a dynamic environment for aspiring artisans to hone their skills in boilermaking, electrical work, and instrumentation. Through Anglo American learnership programs, you can transform your potential into expertise with a hands-on approach to learning.

Specialized Learnerships for In-Demand Skills

Each of these learnerships is tailored to meet the demands of the industry while providing learners with comprehensive training:

  • Boilermaker: Engage in the high-precision craft of fabricating, installing, and repairing vessels or structures made of steel. Learn how to read blueprints and understand the metallurgical properties of different materials.
  • Electrician: Gain the knowledge to manage and repair electrical systems, ensuring they operate efficiently and meet the necessary safety standards.
  • Instrumentation: Master the technology of measuring and controlling systems. This is crucial for ensuring the effectiveness of industrial processes, from production through to quality control.

3. Engineering Learnership – Rustenburg

Rustenburg’s learnership program encompasses a range of trades, each critical to the success of the modern mining industry:

  • Fitter: Learn the crucial skills of fitting and assembling the complex machinery used in mining operations. Precision and attention to detail are your tools of the trade here.
  • Electrician: Electricity is the lifeblood of the mining industry. Train to maintain and repair electrical systems and ensure they meet stringent safety standards.
  • Boilermaker: Specialize in the fabrication and construction of steel structures, learning techniques like welding and thermal cutting in a real-world environment.
  • Millwright: This trade combines the skills of an electrician and a fitter, teaching you how to install, dismantle, repair, reassemble, and move machinery in various settings.

4. Engineering Learnership (Electrical) – Mogalakwena Mine

The learnership at Mogalakwena Mine covers several specialized electrical trades, each offering a unique set of skills and knowledge:

  • Electrician: Lay the groundwork for your career by mastering the installation, testing, and maintenance of electrical equipment and systems.
  • Auto Electrician: Delve into the world of automotive electrics, specializing in the electrical systems found in mining vehicles and equipment.
  • Millwright: This hybrid trade offers the best of both worlds, blending electrical and mechanical skills to keep the mine’s machinery running smoothly.
  • Control & Instrumentation: Focus on the critical systems that monitor and control the mine’s operations, ensuring safety and efficiency through cutting-edge technology.

5. Engineering Learnerships (Mechanical) – Mogalakwena

The learnerships available at Mogalakwena cater to those with a mechanical bent of mind, offering specialized training in several fields:

  • Earthmoving & Diesel Mechanic: Dive into the mechanics of heavy earth-moving machinery, vital to the day-to-day operations at the mine.
  • Boilermaker/Plater: Learn the craft of designing, fabricating, and constructing metal structures—a skill essential to the infrastructure of mining.
  • Rigger: Take on the challenge of setting up and repairing heavy lifting equipment, a role that requires precision and a head for heights.
  • Fitter: Master the art of assembling and maintaining complex machinery, ensuring all parts are in perfect working order.

With Anglo American Learnership Opportunities 2024, your career in engineering is poised to soar. Prepare your application, submit by the deadline, and take your first step towards a brilliant future.

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