AECI, a leader in mining and chemical solutions, is proud to announce the availability of AECI Bursaries for students pursuing studies in essential fields that drive innovation and sustainable development. With 60 bursaries on offer, AECI is committed to nurturing the next generation of professionals in various engineering, scientific, and business disciplines.

These bursaries are more than just financial aid; they are a testament to AECI’s belief in the potential of South Africa’s youth to contribute to a better world. Apply now for the AECI Bursaries and take the next step towards achieving your academic and career goals.

Overview of the AECI Bursaries Program

  • Closing Date: 6th June 2024
  • Reference Number: AEC240523-2
  • Location: Woodmead, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Number of Positions: 60
  • Job Type: Bursary
  • Department: Head Office

Fields of Study

The AECI Bursaries program covers a broad spectrum of fields, reflecting the diverse needs of the modern economy. These fields include:

Engineering Disciplines:

  • Mining Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering (including Process Control)
  • Control Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Software Engineering


  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Agricultural Science
  • Food Science
  • Soil Science
  • Crop Science

Technology and Data:

  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Information Security (Cybersecurity)
  • Automation

Business and Management:

  • Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Project Management

Financial and Developmental Support

The AECI Bursaries provided by AECI are designed to cover various educational expenses, ensuring that recipients can focus on their studies without financial worries. The support includes:

  • Tuition Fees: Full coverage of tuition fees for the academic year.
  • Textbooks: Financial assistance for purchasing necessary textbooks.
  • Accommodation: Support for living expenses while studying.
  • Mentorship: Access to experienced professionals who provide guidance and support.
  • Networking: Opportunities to connect with industry leaders and peers.
  • Vacation Work: Practical work experience in a real-world setting to complement academic learning.
  • Industry Insights: Exposure to the latest trends and developments in relevant fields.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the AECI Bursaries, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Nationality: Must be a South African citizen.
  • Education: Must have completed Matric.
  • Field of Study: Must be enrolled in one of the specified fields of study for the year 2024.
  • Institution: Must be studying at a recognized and accredited tertiary institution in South Africa.
  • Criminal Record: Must have no criminal record.

Application Process

Interested candidates must submit the following documents along with their online application:

  • Certified ID Document: Proof of South African citizenship.
  • Certified Academic Record: Full academic transcripts to date.
  • Proof of Registration: Confirmation of enrollment at a recognized institution.

Tip: 5 Tips on How to Write an Outstanding Bursary Application Letter

Why Choose AECI?

AECI is dedicated to supporting fields of study that are critical to building a sustainable and responsible future. The AECI Bursaries program is a significant part of this vision, enabling students to pursue their academic goals and contribute to the country’s development.

At AECI, excellence is not just a goal but a standard. The AECI Bursaries program is designed to support students who exhibit the drive and determination to excel academically and professionally. With AECI’s support, students can focus on their studies and personal development, laying a strong foundation for a successful career.

The AECI Bursaries program is a unique opportunity for South African students to receive financial and professional support in their academic journey. By investing in the education of future leaders, AECI is contributing to the development of industries that are vital for the country’s growth and sustainability.

Do not miss this chance to advance your education and career with the support of a leading company committed to your success.