The Western Cape Government’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport is seeking a competent Administration Clerk for Library Service based in the scenic town of Mossel Bay. This position offers not only a chance to contribute to community enrichment but also promises a stable career in the public service sector.

Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting opportunity!

Administration Clerk Vacancy Overview

  • Position: Administration Clerk: Library Service
  • Reference No: CAS 26/2024
  • Location: Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa
  • Department: Cultural Affairs and Sport
  • Salary Level: 5
  • Salary: R 216,417 per annum
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Closing Date: 2024/05/27

Job Purpose

The successful candidate will assist the regional librarian in enhancing the services provided to public libraries within the region. This role involves substantial administrative support, making it ideal for individuals who excel in organizational and clerical tasks, and who are keen on making a direct impact on the community’s access to knowledge and resources.

Minimum Requirements

  • Educational Qualification: Grade 12 (Senior Certificate or an equivalent qualification).
  • Licence: A valid (Code B or higher) driving licence is required. Candidates with disabilities who have reasonable access to transport may also apply.
  • Preferred Experience: Experience or exposure to a library environment will be highly advantageous for this role. This experience will help in understanding the specific administrative needs of library services.

Key Performance Areas

In the role of Administration Clerk: Library Service, the appointed individual will be integral to the efficient operation of library services across the region. Below, we delve deeper into the specific responsibilities that encompass the key performance areas of this position:

  • Library Coordination: Assist in the scheduling and coordination of activities and events across affiliated libraries, ensuring programs run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Documentation Management: Handle all administrative documentation, including circulation, filing, and managing records to ensure easy accessibility and compliance with governmental regulations.
  • Communication Facilitation: Serve as a liaison between the regional librarian, library staff, and external stakeholders, facilitating effective communication and timely dissemination of information.
  • Inventory Oversight: Conduct regular checks and maintain a detailed inventory of all library assets, including books, digital media, and other resources, to prevent discrepancies and losses.
  • Procurement Assistance: Assist in the procurement process for new assets, from requisition to acquisition, ensuring that all purchases align with budgetary guidelines and operational needs.
  • Maintenance Coordination: Coordinate the maintenance and repair of library facilities and equipment, ensuring that all assets are in good working condition and any issues are promptly addressed.
  • Staff Records Management: Maintain up-to-date personnel records, including attendance, leave balances, and training records, ensuring compliance with departmental policies.
  • Recruitment Support: Support the recruitment and onboarding process for new library staff, preparing job descriptions, organizing interviews, and facilitating induction programs.
  • Employee Relations: Assist in managing employee relations and addressing any issues that may arise, promoting a positive work environment and ensuring staff satisfaction and productivity.
  • Budget Monitoring: Monitor expenditure against the allocated budget, ensuring all financial transactions are accounted for and reported accurately.
  • Expense Reconciliation: Assist in the reconciliation of financial statements, verifying transactions and ensuring consistency with budget allocations.
  • Financial Reporting: Prepare regular financial reports for the regional office, providing insights into financial status and enabling informed decision-making.

Competencies and Skills

  • Library Management Systems: Profound understanding of computerized library management systems like SLIMS (Sistema de Livros e Manuscritos), which facilitates efficient management of library resources, cataloging, and user access.
  • Asset Management: Comprehensive knowledge of principles and practices related to asset management, ensuring optimal use and maintenance of library assets.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Awareness of the legal and regulatory framework governing public libraries in South Africa, including data protection laws, intellectual property rights, and accessibility standards.
  • Communication Proficiency:
    • Written Communication: Ability to draft clear, concise reports, correspondence, and documentation that meet the needs of diverse audiences.
    • Verbal Communication: Skill in articulating information and ideas effectively in spoken format, essential for team meetings, presentations, and community engagement.
  • Microsoft Office Suite Mastery:
    • Word: Proficiency in creating structured documents, including reports and official communications.
    • Excel: Advanced skills in managing spreadsheets, performing data analysis, and visualizing data to support decision-making.
    • PowerPoint: Competence in developing engaging presentations for training sessions, meetings, and public forums.
  • Organizational and Planning Excellence:
    • Time Management: Ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently within tight deadlines, prioritizing tasks based on urgency and importance.
    • Resource Allocation: Skill in allocating resources effectively, ensuring that all library projects and operations are adequately supported.
  • Interpersonal and Teamwork Dynamics:
    • Interpersonal Relations: Strong ability to build and maintain positive relationships with colleagues, patrons, and external partners, fostering a collaborative work environment.
    • Conflict Resolution: Capabilities in identifying, managing, and resolving conflicts constructively, ensuring a harmonious workplace.
    • Team Collaboration: Experience in working within and leading teams, promoting teamwork, and ensuring that all team members are engaged and contributing effectively.
  • Technological Aptitude:
    • Digital Literacy: Proficiency in navigating various digital platforms and online library resources, which is crucial for managing digital assets and supporting patrons in the digital space.
    • Adaptability to New Technologies: Willingness and ability to learn and adapt to new software or tools that could enhance library management and service delivery.


The annual salary for this position is R 216,417 at salary level 5. Additionally, qualifying employees may receive benefits like medical assistance, housing assistance, and pension fund contributions, which are funded or co-funded as per applicable prescripts or collective agreements.

Application and Selection Process

Interested candidates must submit their applications by the closing date specified. Shortlisted candidates will be subjected to documentation verification, criminal record vetting, interviews, and possibly competency assessments. The selection process will consider the Employment Equity (EE) targets of the department.

For assistance with online applications or other inquiries, please refer to the contact details provided in the job listing.

This position not only offers a fulfilling career path but also the satisfaction of contributing to the community by supporting essential public services like library management. If you meet the qualifications and are looking for a stable, rewarding job, consider applying for this role to bring your administrative expertise to the beautiful town of Mossel Bay.