The Western Cape Department of Local Government is looking for a dedicated and analytical Accounting Clerk to join their Internal Control team. This challenging and rewarding position will play a vital role in supporting the department’s mission of maintaining financial accountability and transparency.

The successful candidate will join a dynamic and innovative team of professionals who are committed to ensuring that the Western Cape’s local government institutions operate efficiently and effectively. This position offers the opportunity to make a tangible impact in the lives of South Africans by helping to safeguard the public funds entrusted to the government.

Accounting Clerk Vacancy Overview

  • Job Title: Accounting Clerk: Internal Control, Ref No. LG 08/2024
  • Tracking Number: LG 08/2024
  • Reference Number: WCG240422-2
  • Salary: R216 417 per annum (Salary level 5)
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Location – Province: Cape Town (Western Cape)
  • Closing Date: 2024/05/27
  • Apply online

Minimum Requirements  

  • Grade 12 (Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification).
  • Relevant experience in an internal control, auditing or governance environment.
  • A valid (Code B or higher) driving licence or alternatively people with disabilities that restrict driving abilities, but who have reasonable access to transport, may also apply.

Duties and Responsibilities       

  • Render clerical support services with regard to governance, assurance services, and fraud and losses management: This responsibility involves providing administrative support related to governance, assurance services, and managing fraud and losses. This could include organizing and filing important documents, coordinating meetings and appointments, and assisting in the implementation of policies and procedures to prevent fraud and loss.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of financial prescripts (performs pre and post audit inspections): This responsibility involves reviewing financial regulations and guidelines to ensure compliance and effectiveness. It could also involve conducting audits before and after financial transactions to assess their accuracy and adherence to regulations.
  • Maintaining financial information: This responsibility involves keeping accurate and up-to-date financial records and information. This could include recording transactions, preparing financial statements, and ensuring the security and confidentiality of financial data.
  • Knowledge management (voucher control): This responsibility involves managing the process of creating, sharing, using, and storing knowledge within the organization. This could include overseeing the control and management of vouchers, ensuring that they are properly documented and secured to prevent fraud or misuse.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Knowledge of financial norms and standards includes an understanding of the Public Financial Management Act, National Treasury Regulations, and Provincial Treasury directives and instructions. This knowledge is essential for ensuring compliance with financial regulations and guidelines.
  • Knowledge of procurement and provisioning related tasks involves understanding the various prescripts, regulations, accounting officer system, and delegations related to purchasing goods and services. This knowledge is necessary for making informed and responsible procurement decisions.
  • Record keeping knowledge involves understanding the importance of accurately documenting financial transactions and maintaining organized and up-to-date records. This knowledge is essential for ensuring transparency and accountability in financial management.
  • Data capturing knowledge involves the ability to accurately input and maintain financial data in systems or spread sheets. This skill is crucial for generating accurate financial reports and analysis.
  • Skills in computer literacy in MS Office Package are important for effectively using software such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for financial tasks and presentations.
  • Written and verbal communication skills are necessary for effectively communicating financial information to stakeholders, colleagues, and superiors.
  • Interpersonal relation skills are important for building and maintaining positive working relationships with colleagues and external stakeholders.
  • Flexibility is important for adapting to changing financial regulations and requirements.
  • Teamwork skills are necessary for collaborating with colleagues and working towards common financial goals.
  • Accuracy is crucial for ensuring the precision and correctness of financial data and reports.
  • Planning and organization skills are essential for effectively managing financial tasks and projects.
  • Basic numeracy skills are necessary for understanding and working with financial figures and calculations.
  • The ability to perform routine tasks is important for efficiently completing daily financial responsibilities.

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In conclusion, the role of Accounting Clerk: Internal Control within the Western Cape’s Department of Local Government presents a unique opportunity for a motivated and skilled professional to contribute to the financial health of the province’s local government institutions.

This position not only provides an engaging and rewarding work environment, but also offers the chance to make a meaningful difference in the lives of South Africans by ensuring that public funds are managed with integrity and efficiency.