The Free State Provincial Department of Economic, Small Business Development, Tourism, and Environmental Affairs (DESTEA) offers a golden opportunity for young graduates through its DESTEA Internships. This initiative is crafted to boost the employability of unemployed graduates who hold degrees or diplomas and are eager to enter the formal job market.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how you can participate in this enriching programme.

Programme Overview

The DESTEA Internships aim at unemployed graduates aged between 18 and 35, offering a structured 24-month training period that encompasses technical, professional, public service, business, and life skills. This on-the-job training is crucial, providing interns with a robust foundation to make them competitive in the job market.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a South African citizen, residing in the Free State Province.
  • Hold a degree or diploma in the relevant field.
  • First-time participants in a government internship programme.

Available Positions under DESTEA Internships

Internship positions are offered across several directorates, each with specific requirements and opportunities:

Environmental Affairs
DirectorateRef No.LocationQualification- Degree / DiplomaN0. Of Posts
Biodiversity & Protected AreasE/A 01BloemfonteinDegree / Diploma Nature Conservation2
Environmental Planning Co-ordinationE/A 02BloemfonteinDegree in Environmental Science / Management, e.g. Waste Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Air Quality3
Environmental Empowerment ServicesE/A 03BloemfonteinDegree in Environmental Law (LLB)1
Economic Development
Economic Research &   Planning, Economic Research, Economic PlanningE/D 01

E/D 02  E/D 03

BloemfonteinDegree / Diploma Commercial Law Degree/Diploma Agro-processing  Degree/Diploma Economics/ Financial Economics/ Industrial Economics or Logistics/ Economic Research/ Business Management / Econometrics/Consumer Studies3


Office Of The Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Financial Accounting Management Accounting Internal ControlS/S02BloemfonteinDegree/Diploma Finance/ Management Science in Accounting/ Cost and Financial Management2
Supply Chain, Asset and Fleet Management
Supply Chain, Asset and Fleet ManagementS/S 03BloemfonteinDegree/Diploma Supply Chain Management/ Logistics & Transportation Management3
Internal Audit
Internal AduitS/S 04BloemfonteinDegree/Diploma IN Internal Auditing2
Risk & Integrity Management & Fraud & Anti-Corruption
Risk & Integrity Management Fraud & Anti-CorruptionS/S 05BloemfonteinDegree/Diploma in Risk Management2
Physical & Information Security
Security Services Physical & Information Security Ethics WorkS/S 06BloemfonteinDegree/Diploma Public Administration and Management1
Corporate Services
Employee Health & Wellness ProgrammeS/S 07BloemfonteinDegree / Diploma Social Work (Psychology Social Science) Degree / Diploma Occupational Health & Safety Degree / Diploma Nursing   Degree / Diploma Health and Safety Management6
Legal ServicesS/S 08BloemfonteinDegree LLB2
Labour RelationsS/S 09BloemfonteinDegree / Diploma Labour Law1
Human Resource ManagementS/S 10BloemfonteinDegree / Diploma Human Resource Management/ Public Administration1
Human Resource DevelopmentS/S 11BloemfonteinDegree / Diploma Human Resource Development/ Public Administration2
Efficiency StudyS/S 12BloemfonteinDegree / Diploma Organisational Development/ Management Services/ Human Resource Management/ Public Administration2
Communication And Information Technology
CommunicationS/S 13BloemfonteinDegree in Media Studies Degree / Diploma in Corporate Communication or Journalism2
Information TechnologyS/S 14BloemfonteinDegree / Diploma Software Development / Information Systems Security/ Cybersecurity Analyst4

Key Objectives

  • Skill Development: Enhance your professional and technical skills through comprehensive on-the-job training as part of DESTEA Internships. Interns will participate in tailored training sessions that cover both the theoretical aspects and practical applications of their field. 
  • Career Preparation: Gain invaluable experience that prepares you for future employment in various sectors through DESTEA Internships. The programme is specifically structured to equip interns with the knowledge and competencies necessary to excel in the competitive job market. 
  • Networking Opportunities: Establish connections with industry professionals and other interns that can lead to future career opportunities. Throughout the internship, participants will interact with key figures in their respective fields, giving them access to a network of professionals who can provide mentorship, career advice, and potentially job referrals. 
  • Personal Growth: Develop personal attributes such as leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. DESTEA Internships emphasize the importance of personal development as a part of professional growth. Interns will engage in activities that challenge them to lead, collaborate, and communicate effectively, which are essential skills in any career. 
  • Understanding Public Service: Gain a deep understanding of the operations and challenges in the public sector. The internships provide a unique insight into how government departments function and contribute to economic, social, and environmental objectives.

How to Apply

  • Z83 Form: Obtain a Z83 application form
  • Required Documents: Attach your updated CV, certified copies of qualifications, ID, academic transcripts.
  • Submission: Email your application to, addressing it to Ms. Tsholofelo Shaw and Ms. Tsholofelo Mokgwetsi
  • Application Deadline:  24 May 2024 at 16:00

Contact Information

For any inquiries regarding the DESTEA Internships, you can contact:

  • Ms. Tsholofelo Shaw at (051) 400 9570

Tip: How to Write a Job Application Email in 8 Easy Steps

Why Apply?

These DESTEA Internships are more than just a stepping stone, they are a gateway to substantial career growth, learning, and development in your chosen field. By participating, you gain not only work experience but also an opportunity to network with professionals in various industries within the government sector.

The DESTEA Internships are an excellent opportunity for Free State graduates to launch their careers in a dynamic and supportive environment. With a range of positions available across different sectors, these internships promise a comprehensive professional development experience.