Job Opportunity: Chief Dental Technician Grade 1/2 at the WITS Oral Health Centre

If you are an experienced dental technician seeking to elevate your career, this might just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. The Department of Health is inviting competent and skilful professionals to apply for the position of Chief Dental Technician Grade 1/2 at the renowned WITS Oral Health Centre in South Africa. This key post not only offers a competitive remuneration package ranging between R520 785.00 – R595 251.00 per annum but also the prestige of working at one of South Africa’s esteemed health centres. With the application closing date set for the 26th of January 2024, there’s ample time to put together a compelling application.

Responsibilities and Duties

As the Chief Dental Technician, the successful candidate will transform the WITS Oral Health Centre with their relevant skills, knowledge, and expertise in dental technology. The role calls for an imposing grasp of the dental lab operations, management, and quality control.

About WITS Oral Health Centre

WITS Oral Health Centre is a leading health institute, respected for its significant contribution towards oral health in South Africa. They are committed to delivering world-class health services, training future health professionals, and contribution to oral health research.

How to Apply?

Qualified applicants can apply by using the following link: [Application link]. Although the application process is straightforward, it’s vital for the applicants to accurately complete all the necessary details for the application to be considered.


This is an excellent opportunity for dental professionals to step into a challenging and yet rewarding role. If you believe you have what it takes to contribute positively to the Department of Health and specifically to WITS Oral Health Centre, do not let this chance go by.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When is the closing date for the application?

The application process closes on the 26th of January 2024.

What is the salary package for this position?

The salary package for this position ranges between R520 785.00 – R595 251.00 per annum.

Where is the job located?

The job is located at WITS Oral Health Centre in South Africa.